Barrow’s Succession Plan Rejected


Belize City: Thursday 28th November 2018

After several weeks of internal UDP party conventions with selective municipal losers, especially after the defeat of Michael Peyrefitte who aspired to lead the UDP, Dean Barrow immediately retreats from UDP’s succession plan. Barrow’s plan began to crumble after analyzing the recent Port Loyola’s convention where Attorney General and Senator, Michael Peyrefitte, was wiped out of his political goals. Peyrefitte, tapped to become the next leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), had the support of outgoing Area Representative, Anthony “Boots” Martinez, the support of the Prime Minister’s sister, Denise “Sista B” Barrow, and all the government’s resources available. However, he was unable to muster any real support to deliver the coveted seat. And like Senator Peyrefitte, all of Barrow’s other handpicked Senators suffered serious embarrassment at the polls. Additionally, Barrow’s favorite candidates in other constituencies were badly beaten by candidates anointed by aspiring UDP leaders, Patrick Faber and John Saldivar, who tag-teamed to embarrass the outgoing Barrow. With Peyrefitte out of the race, Faber and Saldivar, were both at ease. Now, taking advantage that leadership front-runner, Patrick Faber is out of the country, Barrow orchestrated with other out-going washed-up cabinet colleagues to suspend the succession plan, allowing Barrow to undermine both Faber and Saldivar by suggesting a no confidence in their abilities.The Release made it appear that the Cabiney is begging the ailing and tired Dean Barrow not to hand over leadership of the party at this time because of the apparent instability within the UDP. In an arranged statement issued by Cabinet this week, Barrow announced that instead of early retirement, he would continue to lead the UDP into the next general election scheduled for 2020. Outgoing Ministers were compelled to express satisfaction at the evidence of support for the UDP, as measured by the fabricated voter turnout at the UDP contested standard bearer conventions taking place every weekend since November 4th. The Cabinet took note of the fact that these contests have been as fierce as the turnouts have been,” the statement said. It continued, “In that context; Cabinet felt that once the standard bearer conventions conclude in mid-December, there should be a break in the remaining convention schedule to allow for healing and an organizational reset to take place at the individual constituency level.” According to the statement, the initial scheduled would have seen contested delegates’ conventions begin right after the start of the New Year, finish by March, and be followed by the UDP leadership convention within a month or so. In a sudden epiphany, the UDP has decided that the proposed timeline would be “too rushed into the circumstances.” As a result, Cabinet recommended that the UDP National Party Council revises its calendar that would remain synchronized with the party’s constitution which claims that the next leadership convention could not be held before January 2020. In a subsequent statement, the People’s United Party (PUP) condemned the entire cabinet for holding a “powder session” instead of discussing national issues. “Today, the Government of Belize issued a rare release – not on crime, which is rampant, or on the state of the economy or on the crippling debt. It wasn’t to announce new healthcare initiatives for our failing system. Instead, the Cabinet apparently spent all its time today begging the Prime Minister to stay in office until 2020, said the statement. It added, “As a Party, we are appalled – and indeed any right-thinking Belizean should be appalled and outraged – that our policy-makers wasted time in Cabinet to discuss and debate a matter that is purely political.” According to the PUP, this should have been left for another forum such as the UDP Secretariat or “perhaps for one of those weekly sessions at Brad’s where many UDP policies are apparently formulated.” The PUP noted that cabinet issued no statement on the police officer who shot his common-law wife multiple times before shooting himself, in front of four children. The PUP also noted that there were no statements issued against the body of a woman from the Orange Walk District which was recovered from where it was dumped in a pit latrine in Pomona. The statement continued, “We note that as we prepare to stand together against violence against women, the Government has said nothing – no statement, no legislation, NOTHING! But YET, they can sit in Cabinet wasting valuable time on political nonsense. They should be ashamed, but shame is a commodity that is as scarce in the UDP as is integrity.” According to the PUP, Barrow’s decision to remain in office until the eleventh hour, is of little consequence. The statement concludes, “He is a lame-duck Prime Minister who the people have already passed judgment on along with the rest of his Cabinet. Only the sentencing remains!”


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