Questions to Ministers


1. Can the Minister responsible for boledo please tell the nation who are the partners involved with Brads Boledo? And can the Minister also say if any of these partners have any connection to any Cabinet Minister?
2. Can the Prime Minister please say if any decision was taken at Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting that dealt with the issues of the nation like crime, poverty, relief in cost of fuel and so on?
3. Will the Minister of Housing please inform the nation if his CEO Denton Belisle has presented any proposals for the building of low income homes for Belizeans? And will the Minister of Housing also say if the CEO ever reports to work?
4. Will the Minister of Lands please promise the Belizean people to provide full disclosure should any compensation be given to the Chinese investor for the buyback of the PSU lands which were sold by the Belmopan City Council?
5. Will the Prime Minister say what function his Minister of State Tracy Panton has in the Cabinet if she is incapable of presenting a simple bill in the House of Representatives? The Junior Tager-Panton introduced a bill in the House last Friday only to have the Prime Minister jump up and withdraw the Bill because it was incomplete. Will the PM agree that this is yet another example of UDP incompetence?


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