Questions to the Minister


Questions to Minister

  1. Will the Minister of National Security please inform the nation and more so the many families how many persons have been reported missing so far this year? And will the Minister also say if any of the dozens of reported missing persons are being investigated and if so the families are being updated?
  2. Will the Minister of National Security please say if the FBI has taken up office as a part of the Belize Police Department or if there is some special arrangement that allows the FBI to be carrying out investigations in Belize, since the FBI is once again in Belize, this time in San Pedro working on an investigation?
  3. Considering the Prime Minister has announced that he will be giving $700,000 to south side UDP Representatives and another $650,000 for Christmas Cheer, will the Hon. Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro please say if he has spoken to the PM for funds to purchase fire engines. We ask the question that if government can allocate $1.3 million for cheer programs then shouldn’t they be able to find 900,000 to allow for at least one fully functional fire engine in each municipality?
  4. Will the Minister of Lands the Hon. Hugo Patt please inform the Belizean people if any moneys have been collected From Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts for the $400,000 of tax payer dollars they were each given wrongly? And will the Hon. Patt please say how much interest is being levied on Pitts and Vega?


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