Government to Squeeze Lottery and Raffles promoters


Belize City: Thursday, 3rd January 2019

The Lotteries Control Committee announced last Friday 28th of December that they would no longer be tolerating the widespread undocumented gambling of lotteries and raffles without the pertinent permit. They reminded Belizeans that according to the Lotteries Control Act, chapter 151 of the Laws of Belize, no person shall promote or conduct any lottery or raffle (any scheme for distribution of prizes by lot or chance), unless he obtains a licence or a letter of authorization for such a raffle in accordance with the Lotteries Control Act.

Every person, who intends to promote or conduct any lottery or raffle, will now have to apply in writing to the lotteries’ committee addressing all applications to the secretary of the lotteries’ committee. All raffles sanctioned by the lotteries’ committee are given a reference number, and that number needs to be reproduced on all tickets and when being advertised.

Any violation to the Lotteries Control Act, and its regulation is an offence. Violators shall be liable on summary conviction in a court of law.



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