Referendum, Election and Anniversaries


This February 8, PM Barrow will complete, a seemingly endless, eleven years of “leading” our fledgling nation. His force-ripened three-term administration will be remembered as one that touted a fictitious manifesto with imaginary promises that yielded only distress unto its citizenry. Real progress, financial transparency and personal accountability were either illusive or elusive. Every public action seemed to signal to some pie in the sky whilst Belizeans stayed hungry on the ground.

Parents and teachers raised us to “obey the laws” and to “follow the rules”. Life hammers this firmly or softly into what we call respect for authority. Belizeans know what is right and wrong.

It therefore has become increasingly difficult to follow the UDP laws and their governance since we see a blatant disregard for doing what is right. It hurts to hear “The aye’s have it” after three parliamentary mandated readings as laws are imposed on Belize. Many of these laws seek to legalize actions that were lost cases in court rulings. It would seem that the UDP administration does not respect the law. They manipulate it whenever possible.

They have even disregarded the Caribbean Court of Justice. By action and by word, they show that they do not need to follow their rulings. They can just pass a law conveniently. Yet, the ‘normal’ citizens must obey the laws. This corruption hurts absolutely.

February 8, 2008, Belize had her first referendum, truly historic. It occurred concurrently with the General Elections that began the UDP’s first of the aforementioned trio of administrations. The referendum was on if Belize should have an elected Senate. The ‘Yes’ side won. Yet, the UDP pushed that referendum result into our imaginations. Again, total disrespect!

Oh! Only Queen Square polled a majority of ‘No’ votes. Imagine! This was the ONLY constituency in the nation of Belize that voted ‘No.’ Yet, Belize’s choice was ignored.
Notice the theme of these pointers.

• What anniversary will PM Barrow celebrate this February 8, 2019? Is it the 11th or the 10th? ‘Google it.’
• Over these past eleven years, Barrow press conferences began and ended and all I perceived were riddles, wrapped in mystery surrounded by an enigma. There was only one key in unravelling this befuddling. That key is Dean Barrow’s interest. (Thanks Mr. Churchill)
• Do you remember the movie Men in Black? How about the press conference with Ministers in Black? The Prime Minister wanted us to unsee the abnormal and corrupt land grab. The ploy was clear.
• We often hear that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. People do not want others to see the worst of them. In September 2015, Belizeans were asked by the PM to turn a blind eye. We had our own version of the Vegas quote: “What happened in Miami should stay in Miami”. The ‘accommodations’ at the hotel was worth half a billion of our hard-earned dollars. We should not forget this.
• Oh my… Christmas messages… Independence Day promises… Budget tirades…All verbiage.
• Even the Turkey protocol was all a lie. Not the Christmas gift but the meeting in Istanbul. The Sarstoon Protocol was not finalized, as the PM announced.

The resounding ICJ/Guatemala issue asks us to trust this UDP government and the management of our most important existential question. Talk about placing the possum in the henhouse. The UDP feels the need to spend millions to convince us that we should vote ‘yes’ to go with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice to check if we can continue singing our National Anthem. This is like spending lavishly on your girlfriend hoping that she will agree when you finally pop the question. You cannot buy love.

Belizeans are not used to eating Red Herrings. Barrow nevertheless has built his political empire on that premise. He uses words and slight to attempt to fool some people. I dare say that that trick has stalled and Belizeans are wide-awake. PUP past foreign ministers are right only in the fact that ONLY a PUP government can be trusted with the ICJ issue. Maybe we should have another General Election along or before this April 10 referendum.

All voting age Belizeans must register and vote their conscience. Read, listen and make up your mind. Vote for yourself, and Belize, and nobody else.



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