Shawn Hemmans murdered; two others dodges death


By Aaron Humes
Freelance Reporter

BELIZE CITY, Thursday. Feb. 7, 2019

Another Belize City man is dead by gunfire and two others narrowly avoided the same fate this week.

33 year old King’s Park resident Shawn Hemmans, as with most Belizeans on Sunday, was watching Super Bowl 53 at a friend’s house on St. Thomas Street. Police say he went out on the verandah following the half-time show for a drink, and was called out by someone passing through the area. Police report that as he went to meet the person shots rang out, and a few minutes later, Hemmans’ host came out to find him near death; he would pass on at the hospital.

Both police and Hemmans’ family agree that he personally stayed on the straight and narrow. But police do suspect that his demise was a result of the reputation of the house where he was hanging out, which they say was searched several times and associated with various shady characters. Police continue to hunt for his killer.

Meanwhile, two other Belize City men were menaced with guns, one injured. About an hour before Hemmans’ murder, on the George Price Highway, 27 year old Devon Faber had just arrived home when gunfire came from a passing vehicle. Faber was hit in both arms and rushed immediately to hospital where he was treated and released. Police spoke to him but say he was unable to give them much assistance in identifying his attacker.

And, around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night, 25 year old Kishawn Dennison was accosted at the corner of Antelope Street and shot at twice with a .380 firearm, but the gun snapped and Dennison escaped with minor injuries. Police are looking for two persons to assist in this investigation.


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