Thursday, March 7, 2019

Belizean readers, local and in the diaspora, have been and are being bombarded with International Court of Justice stories and the Belize-Guatemala issue and rationale. If you have not been reading and unaware on the upcoming referendum on the ‘differendum’, then maybe you are not really Belizean. In this case, one does NOT have the leeway to say, “I noh like politics.” Everyone that lives within boundaries is a political entity.

Atlases have many different projections and types of maps. The one that shows countries in different colors and HIGHLIGHTS their boundaries are called POLITICAL MAPS. We all learned this early in primary school. It is a ‘fave’ of many since it is one of the easy fundamentals in a primary school education. It is often a fun lesson with coloring pencils and crayons.

Alas! The fun ends when you are actually at a border. Around the world, this is often a vicious location. You can see soldiers, high-powered rifles, concertina wire and sometimes high fences. There is often tension even when a river provides the divide.

Today, for our country Belize, political mapping is living reality as we have the government of our neighbours alleging that they only want to go to the ICJ to confirm the boundaries. Guatemala’s leadership, cynically, allege that they only want to confirm what millions of atlases and Google Maps, for years, show as borders for our country. They are even allowed motorcades into OUR Belize for the ‘optics’ of being good neighbours. Who can they fool?

If they want to be good neighbours, then they should move out of our protected areas, and legislate a constitutional motion to get Belize out of their constitution. Our confidence in them has deteriorated quite rapidly lately; it definitely did not build.

Guatemala’s referendum question should have been(in Spanish): “Do you believe that Belize is a part of Guatemala?” A threshold to that suggestion should be 60percent of their voters to say ‘Yes’ with a ’60’ percent turnout of a UN-verified voters list. Then, if they fall short of that, they should leave Belize alone and really be good neighbourly with trade, agriculture, commerce and tourism.

If they need two-thirds of their legislature to change the constitution, then they should also require that threshold in their referendum. Did they FAIL that test on Sunday April 15, 2018? 23.7% sounds like failure. Guatemala’s population doesn’t care for Belize. But here we are in Belize spending millions to backup that minority.

But their intentions are not so sneaky. They want us to gamble ALL of Belize making us believe at the same time they want the ICJ to formalize the known border for us. FUNNY!!

We should all say NO to gamble the country; especially when, we gamble our country and Guatemala gambles nothing. Trust is not there. Give more effort in building our confidence. There is none now.

No… Again, No to the ICJ and Guatemalan leadership’s hidden intentions


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