Friday, April 12, 2019

The PUP’s Party Leader on Wednesday January 23, 2019: Having Duly Considered all aspects of the education campaign, the state of unreadiness for the ICJ Referendum scheduled for the 10th April 2019 and the majority no position of party supporters.

Belizeans Demand

  1. A Real education Campaign – Not a Bogus Brain washing Campaign
  2. Born-Belizeans Living Abroad Must VOTE in the Referendum
  3. NO Belizeans should be disenfranchised by Government’s manipulation of Vital Stats
  4. Guatemala must Respect our Territory
  5. The Maritime Areas act MUST be Amended to Protect our Territory

 We have to get this Right!!! There won’t be a second chance.

Ironclad? The Titanic lies deep in the Atlantic as proof that in staying adrift there is always an iceberg of a doubt. The Court of Appeal of Belize was that iceberg for the United Democratic Party’s determined attempt to quash the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court’s imposed Interim Injunction to the ICJ referendum then slated for a seemingly magical April 10.

Inside the packed Court of Appeal this past April 8, Belize was once more the subject of litigation. This was to be Part II to the April 3 Interim Injunction ruling. It was nothing short of dramatic. The extremely rare mixing of PUP and UDP adversaries could only be brewed by such a historic occasion. The presence of OAS and Members of the Commonwealth as observers gave credence to the magnitude of the proceedings.

By 3:45 in the afternoon, the trio of Appellate Judges returned after a prolonged adjournment to give to the nation their ruling on the Government’s appeal. The subject of this appeal had been called a “technicality.” Whatever it was, the Appellate Judges ruled that they do NOT have the jurisdiction to overturn the Chief Justice’s Interim Injunction.

This pretty much melted the iceberg over PM Dean Barrow’s shoulders and made for a second post-ruling press conference where his fury was undeniable. Only five days before, even in clear disappointment, he seemed confident that the Court of Appeal would overturn the technicality. Not so. He now dramatically announced that a referendum on the ICJ was not possible on April 10 but that the UDP is determined to give people their say.

The People’s United Party leader offered this as he stepped out of the Courtroom: “Today the Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Chief Justice to delay Wednesday’s referendum so that the case may be heard whether or not the Minister of Foreign Affairs had the authority to sign the Special Agreement. We believe this is necessary for us to ensure that the rule of law is upheld in our nation. We also want certainty that we are following the proper procedure and we demand that the loyal opposition be respected. Again we see today’s decision as a decision for democracy and as a victory for the people.”

All these legal proceedings most likely have the people of Belize watching a ping pong match. An ICJ trial will be something similar but at a larger scale. The PUP has been blaring for months now that the UDP and the PM are not ready nor have they educated the Belizeans populace fairly enough. The PUP as seen in the People’s Declaration is on record suggesting pathways to be ready for the Referendum, and later on, for the International Court of Justice. We cannot stumble weakly into the Referendum and expect Guatemala to have pity. They are expected to spend approximately $90 Million in Belize dollars. Belize, we are supposedly spending 25M. Belizeans, make a conclusion on those numbers.

The Supreme Court will, this coming week, move on with the trial of the case on the writs of referendum. You are reading correctly, Belize. The main part, the trial, of the ICJ legal issue is just about to begin. We have all experienced as a country only the motions, injunction, case management and rulings on if the case(s) have merit. So the referendum is still being cooked. The UDP wants to eat it before it is fully done while the PUP is asking for patience so that Belize can get into the Referendum fully educated and with a strongly prepared case. The PUP leader is on record stating, “Let’s get it Right!”


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