Another Sarstoon Humiliation


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Sarstoon might be the only issue that the majority of Belize would love the Prime Minister to take to the House of Representatives to “fix.” Alas! This, like many other issues, he is powerless to act upon. Each time the Guatemalan military turns Belizeans back at the Sarstoon, it is another humiliation of the UDP. PM Barrow has gotten so many issues ‘horribly wrong’ that it causes Belizeans to shudder at the thought that his UDP government will be in charge of the ICJ case: Guatemala versus Belize.

The ICJ referendum is undeniably the mother of all referendums that Belize could ever have. The UDP has blundered from re-registration to vital stats to Case-management just to name a relevant few. Yet, with a face full of fury the PM summons some imagined trust from the Belizean people.

Raise your hand if you are tired of the weekly Sarstoon stories. We want that issue fixed before we go to the ICJ in good faith. It cannot be the other way around. It cannot be that if we go to the ICJ that then we could get some Sarstoon reprieve. The latter is like a threat or blackmail.

Well this past Monday April 15, 2019, Belize Territorial Volunteer head Wil Maheia was taking a group from abroad into the Sarstoon River. They were escorted by the Coast Guard. They were stopped by three Guatemala gunboats with Guatemalan Armed Forces (G.A.F.) personnel showing weapons at the ready.

The Guatemalan forces reportedly stopped the boat from entering the Sarstoon River outright. According to Pat Andrews, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ministry is aware of the incident. In the past, this type of incursion has been brushed off by Guatemala as a non-incident.

As usual another protest note is being issued to Guatemala and copied to the Organization of American States (OAS).

In Context:

Kareem Musa at the Sitting of the House of the Representatives on April 12, 2019

“And so Madame Speaker, he(ex-Prime Minister Musa) watched it from 1998 all to 2008 growing from a baby all the way into a little boy or little girl, I want to be politically correct here, referring to the ICJ baby and so he raised that child to that point, Madame Speaker, without Belize losing the Sarstoon.”



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