God Save Us



 Thursday, March 11, 2019

What has happened to the entire Referendum and ICJ discussion, debate and process is utter and complete lunacy. There is no other way to describe it. But then again – the UDP is involved, with all the requisite egos and arrogance, agendas and pettiness, so what else could we expect? The nation must be fatigued. Who even remembers if they should vote YES or NO, or MAYBE. MAYBE is an option right? Wait…did the Referendum happen already? What does ICJ mean again?

The ICJ waters have become as murky and muddied as those in the shallow channel of Guatemala’s Rio Sarstún. Facebook has become a battleground where verbal blood is shed with glee and vitriol. It has become impossible to say which side is the bully and which the bullied. Political allies have turned on each other. Insults and taunts and aggression and threats are the order of the day, handed out as generously as the nauseating propaganda.

And that, against the backdrop of a brazen display of arrogance by the Government which has ended up in the Courts and will obviously go to the House of Representatives. And only God knows where it goes from there. And you know the saddest part? Dean Barrow and his administration couldn’t care less about what the people want.

If you ask Dean Barrow et al, they will tell you with all the conviction in the world that they are doing it for people and country, because the UDP is so absolutely wonderful, and its leaders are such paragons of virtue and goodness that they have put country before Party – and the way to the promised land and heavenly reward is by voting YES to the ICJ.

By this time, if not before, the entire nation should be troubled by the arrogance of the UDP. There is no give. Recently the Prime Minister went after Justice Courtney Abel in a very public forum. His grievance then was that Abel, in litigation involving the government, had handed down decisions against the government 90% or 95% of the time. The PM was incredulous. How could that be? Now this writer is no legal luminary – but DUH…it could be all sorts of things. Maybe your cases and arguments were just wack. I believe wack is a legal term.

There is something to be said about people who never accept blame for anything. These people blame everybody but themselves for everything. They are so caught up in their own magnificence, their own greatness, their own infallibility, that they cannot accept any fault, for anything at all. And that is not only delusional, but it is dangerous.

At that point, not so long ago, the Prime Minister took aim at Justice Abel. And it passed. This time, he has taken aim at Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The Chief Justice was wrong, he said. The Chief Justice erred in his decision, he said. And then he took potshots at the Chief Justice for his lack of timeliness in delivering judgments. It was all in all a display of pure petulance. The Prime Minister did not get his own way, and he threw a hissy-fit. He threw a tantrum. Plain and simple. That’s what it was.

The dynamics have changed, without a doubt, following back to back losses by the Government in Court. It may be just aesthetics, or it may be more. But it is what it is. Because the Government was confident of a victory at the Supreme Court. And they lost on a simple technicality. The Government was confident of a victory at the Court of Appeal. And their attorneys, like spurned, clumsy suitors, did not make it past first base. So a lot of people are taking a step back.

Nobody but the almighty Barrow and his insiders know what will happen in the House on Friday. And the truth is that the people of Belize have no say. The people always get left out of the decision-making process. This is the story of Dean Barrow and his failed administration.



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