Thursday, May 30, 2019

Belly of the Beast

The Ostrich

Seems that the Prime Minister will continue to do what he does best – travel all over the world and hide his head in the sand where the Sanctuary Bay scam is concerned, and where Atlantic International Bank’s involvement is concerned, and even where his own law firm fits into the entire puzzle. The old bad back Barrow doesn’t even want to talk about the settlement he has been sending emissaries to try to negotiate with investors who were scammed, and he certainly is not explaining why Belizeans should have to pay for something like that. It’s something we all should be watching, since news to the Belize Times is that a settlement has almost been reached, and it may be close to $100Million. Those pain meds must be affecting the PM’s brain if he thinks taxpayers will foot the bill for a private scam which involved players all up in his government and UDP structure.


Word to the Belize Times is that an all-points bulletin (APB) has been issued for UDP Senator Aldo Salazar, whose name has been coming up very frequently in the FTC investigation into Sanctuary Bay. Salazar, who was allegedly pulled over by the FTC and grilled while passing through the US recently, is in hot water, even if he pretends otherwise. Anyway, we understand that a missing person’s report was filed after he failed to show up for two consecutive manicure and pedicure appointments at his salon. We are told that no matter what, he never misses that appointment, so his nail technicians got worried and made the report. Hmmm, wonder if they offer manicures and pedicures at Kolbe? Something we’ll definitely have to check out.

Senate Inquiry

Although we know Aldo is very busy with other pressing matters, we thought we’d still take this opportunity to ask about the Senate Special Select Committee report on the terrible hustling and corruption in Immigration which involved a lot of UDP Ministers. It’s been over two years now and nothing. We figure it’s about time we at least get to see a preliminary report and hope that it contains recommendations for action to be taken against some of those corrupt politicians who conspired to sell our Belizean birthright.


And since we’re on that topic, a big bird told us that Elvin ‘Wonhong Kim’ Penner has been a regular fixture on Facebook, where he defends the UDP for all kinds of crap and wrongdoing. We are told, from a very good source, that Penner wants back into politics. Son, don’t do it.  The entire cover up and lack of investigation in the matter guaranteed you some protection. You are a fraud, a joke, a big clown. So take a powder, passport boy and don’t let us ever hear you talking about politics again. Okay. Rant done.

Sports Renaissance

John Saldivar, the big fellow from Belmopan, is making all kinds of big proclamations these days. He can’t do it in cabinet because he knows he’d be taken for a clown, so he does it from the safety of Facebook. The latest is that if he becomes the Prime Minister, he will create a sports renaissance in Belize. Listen! First of all, you will never be UDP leader, much less Prime Minister. You need to get that through your thick skull. Danny Mason, your best buddy, confidante and some say much more than that, will forever be an albatross around your neck. Nobody will forget Pastor Lue. Nobody will forget that you and the man that allegedly killed him travelled the country together. Nobody will forget that godawful video. Yuck. Nobody will forget that Mason was your business partner in the Bandits franchise. And besides not forgetting that, you’d have to get past the fact that Uncle Sam has a very close eye on you, and has reportedly already stripped travel documents from your closest friends. And nobody will get past the fact that you’re just a bombastic fool. So sports renaissance my foot. You better start thinking about a career renaissance.


Good Lord

Is anybody else noticing that the roadworks on the Phillip Goldson Highway are already messed up? What the hell is up with this crooked UDP government? On one hand, bad back Barrow boasts about all the infrastructure, but there is nothing to boast about. It’s just a matter of pork barrel hustling, kickbacks and taxpayer dollars being used to subsidize all that. Name one road project this government has done which has stood the test of time. Back in the days roads were built to last 20 years without maintenance. The UDP builds roads which cost ten times more than those roads, but don’t even last three months. The next PUP government will HAVE TO investigate all those roads and roundabout contracts, and who needs to go to jail will go to jail. Bloody ridiculous I tell you.


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