Our Appointment With History


Friday, May 3, 2019

“The history of our country and its people is a struggle to assert ourselves; a conflict with destructive forces; a decision to make for ourselves a better life and to secure an international personality.

When the struggle, conflict and unshakeable decision are beginning to bear fruit; and when the triumphant fulfillment of the people’s will to nationhood is near at hand; shall we, by default lose our appointment with history? It is not our destiny to disappear; and we do not propose to disappear.

Let every citizen be assured that we do not intend to be integrated, re-incorporated, assimilated or taken over by any country.

With trust in one another and with confidence that we can make this vision of a rich and happy future a reality, we shall keep this crucial appointment with History.”

–George C. Price, Father of the Nation(Aug 1962)

On Wednesday May 8, 2019, those of us who registered before April 10, 2019 now have that appointment to go cast our vote and our heart into History. Essentially this referendum is a vote for our citizenship and sacred birth right. Don’t miss it!

Do you wish 15 Judges, trusted by PM Barrow, Jimmy Morales and 23% of Guatemalans decide if we should continue existing as a nation? Inside this newspaper, you will see the sample of the ballot that will be used. The language is legal of course but the question hits directly to the heart of our being. The messenger is an anti-cupid—no love.

This past Monday, the Chief Justice stated that the case on the interim injunction and the signing of the Special Agreement is alive. The Court of Appeal has yet to case-manage and even yet to rule on an appeal on the Special Agreement needing to be passed by the National Assembly. The People’s United Party has been pushing this stance for 11 years now.

Why the Rush…is an imploration to the government to Pause. But there is no halting Dean Barrow and the UDP who seem desperate to get this vote to gamble our nation. Their stance is that we have waited long enough. The people’s stance is that even though we have waited long, that the UDP still does not have it right.

Michael Espat et al and a Team of Attorneys lead by Anthony Sylvester, Eamon Courtney et al legally fought the UDP and their lead attorney Lisa Shoman trying to get the UDP to get this right for the sake of Belize. PUP help offered was never accepted in the name of UDP party politics. In fact, after the Chief Justice placed an interim injunction on version one of the Referendum, Dean Barrow showed his heavy hand and, as he had done with BTL, Universal, to name two, took to the Honorable House. There he dishonored the National Assembly once more by turning an illegal action to now legal. What PM Barrow does not countenance is that his Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum 2019 law like his other “fixes” will not work either.

Belizeans, two BIG things hovering over this referendum are these:

  1. The results might not even be legal since the Prime Minister is not waiting to hear from the Courts
  2. Even though, you are voting and can vote in one constituency, you the voter cannot know the sub-totals per constituency. So election night don’t expect that.

So Belize the ICJ can be the ICI—the International Court of Injustice—Guatemala really would lose nothing at the International Court of Justice the way this is set out.

Do you believe that if Guatemala loses they will end their trespassing into our forests and waters? Do you believe then that Guatemala will help Belize and tell its people: ‘Dejen de cruzar ilegalmente a belice, NO nos pertenece. La Corte Internacional de Justicia ha fallado en contra de nosotros y respetemos’?

All 100 percent of Belizeans claim Belize as truly for and only for Belizeans TODAY, not 1859. BELIEVE IN BELIZE, Believe in George Price, “No Land Cession”

RAIN or SHINE, Vote No to the ICJ on Wednesday May 8, 2019.


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