Party Leader’s Message



Friday, May 17, 2019

Hi Everybody.  With the ICJ referendum now behind us it is time to look ahead. Yes, we are satisfied that once again we carried out a peaceful referendum in what many would consider a hard-fought campaign.

Yes, it was divisive, even in our own People’s United Party and while as a Party we disagree from time to time on certain issues, make no mistake, we are united in our cause to rid our country of this corrupt and incompetent UDP government.

Of course, as a nation we must now come together to ensure that we are represented by the best team of attorneys at the ICJ.  We also expect to hear no less than the assurances of the so-called “iron clad” case to be presented by Belize’s legal team at the ICJ.

In the PUP our job going forward is to ensure that the legal team is clear in the understanding that we must maintain all that is rightfully Belizean territory.  As leader of the PUP I commit to making sure that we defend our position of not one square centimeter.  So, I will be vigilant in the process and work closely with the team of advisors and legal experts as we prepare the legal work needed to defend our position at the ICJ.

As we look to the coming months, we in the PUP will also be focusing with renewed energy on the village council and the general elections.

First, we will continue the work to get qualified Belizeans to register and we will fight in court if we have to, so that those 3,000 Belizeans who were disenfranchised from taking part in the referendum are placed back on the voters list.  The PUP has and always will fight for this democracy and so we will defend the voting rights of every qualified Belizean.

Second, we will not be distracted by the noise makers who seek to encourage division and finger pointing.  Our message is clear the PUP is about betterment for all our people.  Together we will work to get that message out while reminding Belizeans of all that has gone wrong in Belize over the past ten years.

Today so many of our people are poor, so many of our young people are dying violent deaths and so many or our children are not going to school.  Belizeans deserve better and for sure they deserve a better government. We have work to do on behalf of our people and so we need to get back to reality.

We will work to ensure that the next steps in the ICJ process are followed, participating as equal partners in the process.  We will also encourage the government to include input from the social partners and organizations like the Peace Movement, but most important, we will continue to hold this corrupt and incompetent government accountable while at the same time putting our plans and policies in place so that we can win the next General elections and get on with the work of building a Belize that Works for Everyone.

Thanks, God Bless and have a safe week.



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