Tuesday, April 30 2019

The PUP and the Belize Peace Movement today agreed to join efforts to push the NO vote on the upcoming May 8, referendum. As the leaders moved out of the PUP Leader’s Office, Patrick Rogers exclaimed, “Today, me and P.U.P. da friend!” he is also political leader of the Belize Progressive. He also added that the movement asked for and got an audience with the PUP leader to be a “common army” for next week’s referendum on settling the Guatemalan claim at the International Court of Justice.

The two political entities would therefore place before them the UDP and the Yes vote as the Enemy and thus become friends for the cause. Rogers added that the collaboration has to do with working alongside various PUP representatives to get out the vote and deliver a NO.

Patrick Rogers: “At this point in time, we should have been to the table from the PUP announced [that they would] mobilize, then we knew they were serious about delivering a no, from then we’ve been seeking a sitdown. So we are happy to report that the Honorable Leader of the Opposition accepted our request for a sitdown; and in humility, we are happy to report that we will be officers, on that day working with the PUP, with their machinery to deliver the votes on that day,”

Will Maheia who is well-known for exposing the Sarstoon and the Guatemalan Forces unwillingness to allow Belizeans to traverse freely in their water also posted this: “The Hon. Mike Espat taught both Paul Morgan and myself. Today we are all on different political parties, when he was teaching us we learn how to debate and how to stand our ground, he is a good #teacher. Most importantly, he taught us #love for country and Country first.. here we are today putting Country #belize before party! No to the ICJ. Belizeans lets unite to defeat the wrongs!! together we can save Belize.”

Rogers closed by noting that Belizeans have been “set up” by the UK, U.S., EU and others in a bid to control our natural resources, including potential petroleum deposits, and added that the current push to the ICJ begin when the Maya of southern Belize sought a seat at the table with developers such as U.S. Capital Energy. Rather than cut the Maya in, he told us, there is an attempt to ‘cut them off’ which Belize must defeat.


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