Questions to the Ministers


  1. Will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please say if in showing support for the Sanctuary Bay Project whether or not government in any way gave some form of guarantee to the Sanctuary Bay project?
  2. Will the Prime Minister please say if his appointed Senator Aldo Salazar was in any way part owner or shareholder in the Sanctuary Bay Ponzi Scheme?
  3. Will the Minister of Finance who is the Prime Minister please say if the Governor of the Central Bank was aware that the CEO of Atlantic International Ltd. and the Legal Advisor to the Bank Senator Aldo Salazar are business partners and, if so, would that not raise red flags in relation to the way Atlantic International Bank was being managed?
  4. Will the Prime Minister please say, that in light of all the serious legal issues in connection to the closing down of Atlantic Bank International if he will ask Aldo Salazar to resign as Senator?
  5. Will the Minister responsible for Social Security please tell the Belizean people if the deposits  and shares of the Social Security Board in Atlantic Bank are secure should the liquidation of Atlantic Bank International (a sister company) negatively impact Atlantic Bank?


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