Questions to the Ministers



Thursday, May 30, 2019

1. Will the Minister of Education please inform Belizeans who paid for the sporting equipment that were distributed only to UDP controlled Town Councils and why the PUP controlled municipal councils were not equally given sporting equipment?

  1. Will the Prime Minister please say, in light of the decision by Minister Patrick Faber to donate sporting equipment only to UDP controlled town councils, if his United Democratic Party Administration is still, after eleven years in office, practicing what he called ‘the spoils’ rule, which means only UDP supporters should benefit from government resources?
  2. Will the Prime Minister say if he is in agreement with the actions of his son and UDP Standard bearer Shyne Barrow in relation to the continued disruptions at night clubs in Belize?
  3. Will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please say if the decision to remove Minister of State Angel Campos from the Health Ministry had anything to do with the allegations from former UDP Minister of State Mark King that a Minister of State in the Ministry of Health was demanding kickbacks for contracts?
  4. Will the Prime Minister please inform Belizeans if he is aware or was made aware by the Governor of the Central Bank of Belize, whether the law firm of Barrow and Williams may in anyway be connected to clients for and on behalf of Sanctuary Bay and or Atlantic International Bank?


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