The People Have Spoken


Friday, May 10, 2019

The Belizean people have spoken.  The People’s United Party (PUP), the party which has service to the people as its motto, will respect and honor the will of the majority of Belizeans.  Democracy is a founding principle of our party’s constitution.  Our Party Leader Hon. John Briceño embarked on a nationwide tour, one of many since he assumed leadership of the PUP.  His purpose, as always, was to listen to the concerns and voice of the people on a most important national issue.  His leadership is one of representation and service to the Belizean people.  Belize has spoken and the People’s United Party, under the leadership of John Briceño, acknowledges and heeds that decision.

While the YES vote won by a convincing 9.55% countrywide, we must consider the significant figure of 43,029 Belizeans who voted No.  These are also Belizean citizens who made valid their voice and their vote in the referendum.  It is interesting to note that the constituencies closest to the border were those that brought back a resounding vote of No.  The monumental task ahead is to forge unity where there is discord and to sow the seeds of brotherhood and patriotism where there is fear and apathy.  Belizeans are a resilient lot.  There is no doubt that together we can face come what may.  Just as in September 21st, 1981, we will once again beat the odds and our adversaries.  Our strength lies not in our smaller numbers but in our deep love for our country.

Our indomitable Belizean pride comes from the certainty that we are a country sovereign and free.  We must now forge ahead in unity to preserve our unique and bountiful heritage and patrimony for generations of Belizeans to come.  Long Live Belize…Que Viva Belize!


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