Belly of the Beast



The staff of the Belize Times extends its condolences to the Andrewin family, and to the families of the two other people killed this week in a triple homicide that seems to have the cops baffled. We don’t play politics when it comes to murder, because we are at this juncture in Belize where any number can play. Criminals are acting with impunity. Law-abiding citizens are living in fear. The news every night is all about murders and robberies and burglaries and shootings and assaults. Business owners now operate behind metal shutters for protection. Belizeans are not safe in their own homes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Our leaders need first to find the will to fight crime. They won’t find the will until crime touches them. It’s a sad thing but it is what it is. Once they find the will, then we will get the proper resources to the Police and to the Judiciary. Once they find the will then maybe, just maybe, the criminals will get the sense. Until then, hold on to your loved ones. Because it’s no joke in this jewel we call paradise.

Hard pay Mayor

The Belize Times has been told from sources in the SSB that the Belmopan City Council is in huge arrears. And we mean huge. Like they have stopped making SSB payments completely on behalf of staff. For a long time now. They collect money from workers. And that money goes somewhere else. We’re not sure where, but we do know it doesn’t go to the SSB. The proverbial feces hit the fan earlier this week when employees from CitCo were allegedly refused sickness benefits from the SSB, all because no payments have been made on their behalf. This is bloody criminal. Mayor Khalid Belisle, who has shown himself to be a real dud, needs to come clean and tell the people what they have done with the money. When the PUP was in charge of City Hall in Belmopan, we never had this problem. In fact, when the PUP left City Hall, there was money in the coffers. This UDP bunch has royally screwed things up, but this is the last straw. We’re hearing talk about an SSB lawsuit. And we’re hearing talk about an employee strike. But shhhh. Don’t say anything yet.


Listen, this thing is serious. We keep hearing that the Government is at the point of striking a deal to settle this Sanctuary Bay thing. And we’re talking $100MILLION US dollar settlement. Don’t take your eyes off this one. Old bad back Barrow is being really shady and moving slower than normal, but his emissaries are back and forth striking a deal. Word to the Belize Times is that GOB took over AIBL, and AIBL is being named as a big time participant in the Sanctuary Bay hustle. So if AIBL is found liable, then we understand GOB is liable. And when we say GOB, we don’t mean that Mr. Filthy Rich Barrow is going to reach into his very deep pockets. We mean that taxpayers are going to pay. BIG. Since last week we’ve been hearing that GOB is ready to settle, so that this thing quietly goes away, before the names of more UDP Ministers are called and before the whole stinking mess is exposed. Just wait for it.


When old bad back was a little more active, before 2008, the UDP orchestrated over a masterful union takeover. Back then, all kinds of deals were struck with union leaders – jobs, scholarships, positions on boards, financial incentives, positions and perks for family members – you name it. The UDP provided the promises, the unions provided the numbers, and in 2008 bad back became Prime Minister. Fast-forward to today, and the PSU election, and you can see the hand of the UDP moving. Cause that is a PSUDP slate if we ever saw one. Even our old friend Jackie Willoughby is in there. Didn’t she just get some scholarship to go study in some far off country after getting a full scholarship to do her Law Degree? Anyway, word of caution to public officers. Keep a close eye on this executive. Be sure that they are doing what you tell them to do. Just before PSU election, the PSU was talking strike and protest action. It’ll be interesting to see if that fizzles out. Interesting times in Belize.


We’ve all heard about the Policeman not so fondly known as ‘whappy.’ He was the one who went after the media with a baton. Remember him? Well now we’d like to introduce you to ‘Slappy,’ the rapper formerly known as Shyne. Okay sorry, we’re taking a bad thing as a joke. We condemn the use of violence in any situation, and we support Shyne all the way. We understand that he was traumatized by the slap heard around the world, and has since gone into a domestic violence therapy session. We’d like to ask our readers to show him some love, and if you see him on the street, give him a hug. But move carefully and hug him gently. We’re told that he’s prone to breaking down into tears if there are any sudden moves in his direction. Sad, sad situation.



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