Hot Mess!


“Kites rise high against the wind, not with it.”-Winston Churchill. Dr. Candice Pitts rose high, presently she is an Assistant Professor at the University of Belize, serves on the Belize City Council, and has been published in various international journals.  Dr. Pitts still finds time to mentor children and plan pantry and scholarship awards for deserving children.  Perhaps though what is remarkable about her is the unpretentious grace and resolve with which she attacks every obstacle and overcomes every challenge in her path.  She has come full circle choosing to come back with all her knowledge and expertise to give back to her community.

It is quite another story with the rhyme and rap fellow who wants to shimmer and shine in Mesopotamia.  Dumped in Belize after serving time in a federal prison, he wandered clueless for a few years.  Poor fella can’t catch a break in his most recent non-hit, which was actually about eight years ago, he brags about all he needs “in this world of sin is a crooked lawyer, big rims, and a Mac 10.”  Guess he has all he needs then.  Certainly, he can offer no mentorship to young children, no insight on winning scholarships through athletic or academic excellence.  Rather he can best serve only as a cautionary tale of how the depiction of violence, gang life and poverty as glamorous and desirable is both foolish and dangerous.

Ramon Witz, if we can recollect, was implicated in the Immigration Scandal which has yet to yield any visible results as we are still waiting on a final report from Senator Aldo Salazar.  We are sure now that the report will be further delayed as the Hon Senator has his hands full with the AIBL and Sanctuary Bay Scam fallout.  To round out the selection of would be leaders, we have a clear case of overreaching in Hon Patrick Faber who has long sought the leadership of the UDP.  Everything seemed set to go his way after winning the deputy leadership with the help of the base.  Unfortunately for him his longstanding tension with the BNTU has led to many costly confrontations with that union.  From allegations of abuse and violent behavior toward ex partners, to inappropriate relationships with subordinates, and let’s not forget the inexplicable destruction of two government vehicles…DPM is a hot mess!  Nothing compared to the Deputy Mayor of Belize who is a former banker with impeccable qualifications and reputation.  The good people of Collet deserve a change from all the shameless antics.

The grass is certainly not greener in the Belmopan constituency as far as UDP leadership prospects.  The unsavory character purported to have had some business or personal affiliation with the Big Deal certainly gives no peace of mind.  The less than stellar performance as Minister of National Security is glaring as abandoned and unmaintained areas led to permanent disability of a BDF soldier.  Our security forces are ill equipped and understaffed.  Those that aspire to be the top Bandido of the red party must stand up and prioritize the safety of their troops and the integrity and sovereignty of Belizean territory.  The top priority should never be the transportation of private football teams to their next game.  As a former high level officer of the BDF Oscar Mira, I am sure, understands the grave responsibility of safeguarding our borders and territory.  He understands the shortages and challenges our security forces must endure to get the job done.  He has the experience and respect for the troops and the nation not to take the job, of representative or our national security, as an excuse for joyrides.

Let’s be real, collectively the new age red bandits do not possess the acumen it requires to run this country.  The reason that the country is in shambles and is crumbling is exactly because we are rudderless.  There is absolutely no one at the helm directing this ship.  Those scrambling for the controls do not have the intellectual fortitude to figure out the hot mess they have created nor the political will to make the changes needed before we sink.



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