Questions to Ministers

  1. Will the Minister with responsibility for local government please inform Belizeans, especially those Belizeans employed by the UDP run City of Belmopan Council, when he will call for an investigation into the payment of social security contributions to the SSB?
  2. Will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please inform Belizeans if he intends to raise the workers contributions to SSB?
  3. In light of the Andre Vega legal issue before the Supreme Court and also in light of the fact that during the tenure of Gaspar Vega as Minister of Natural Resources, Andre Vega was compensated $400,000 for a land he acquired from government for $15,000 and also because at the time the Prime Minister had informed the House of Representatives that the Ministry of Natural Resources had paid out over 70 million dollars in land compensation, will the Prime Minister please provide Belizeans with the list of those who have been compensated for land?
  4. Is the Minister of National Security on leave of absence?
  5. Will the Prime Minister have another candid moment and agree that Pablo Marin, the minister of Health is completely unfit to serve in such a critical position and will the prime minister also call for a full financial report of the $95,000 in repairs to two morgues when brand new morgues can be purchased at a fraction of such costs?


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