A Peasant Movement


“A peasant movement is a social movement traced to numerous uprisings throughout the world and goes back to early human history” (Wikipedia, 2019). When the Prime Minister of this country called Hon. Julius Espat a PEASANT in the House of Representative, it was the beginning of the end not only of the Prime Minister but also of the United Democratic Party. Belize is a country that has a lot of people who live in rural areas and depend on the land as a life choice. Their ancestors did it; traditions are passed down from generation to generation; and it is considered a blessing. The countless tourists that flock to this country every year or the people moving here to call it home know the story all too well. Beating the citizens of this country with their own humbleness and charisma as the beating stick speaks volumes of the person uttering the words rather than the individuals he attempted to direct it at.

There has been a complete loss of what the definition of being an Area Representative is in this country and the purpose; this country has not seen good governance since 2008 when this current set of people took office. They see themselves as being above the masses—not normal people—and inheriting their current position by right. The Prime Minister of this country flies out every 2 weeks to seek first class medical attention abroad; the peasants have to do without an ultrasound machine, have no morgue for their loved ones, and villages spread across this country without even a health center. When, the Prime Minister’s son wears $500.00US Gucci shoes and the peasants wear rubber boots because of the inundated roads. When, the Prime Minister’s other son drives Mercedes Benz on the fancy streets in LA and the peasants drive pickups put together from scrap yards to drive to the market on picado roads. When, the Prime Minister’s wife and daughter vacation in the Mediterranean and other parts of Europe for the summer holidays the young peasant adults and kids do summer jobs to help their parents buy school supplies and put food on the table. This is not the first time we have seen this elite Prime Minister and his cabinet choosing themselves and their own over the common people or in his words PEASANTS.

Over the past three weeks we have seen a humble and quiet revolution. Belizeans have never been the type of people that resort to civil unrest, and most of the time try to give someone the benefit of the doubt. However; they have had enough, and they are showing it in the last three village council elections. Like our ancestors used to say: “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. After not being able to fulfill the role handed to them; after demeaning the intelligence of people; after looking only their own interest rather than that of the people they were elected to serve, the peasants have had enough.

Name-calling is proven to be linked to feeling insecure and desperate; there seems to be a feeling of incompetence after failing time and time again by the current Prime Minister. This was the last insult and slap to the face!!!

Let’s continue with this easy-going, constructive and successful peasant revolt of voting the UDP out of government.

A proud PEASANT!!! #proudpeasant



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