Belly of the Beast


A/C Malfunction

Reports reaching the Belize Times are that the Ministry of Finance has refused to pay for the room they used at the Ramada for the PM’s press briefing this week. They claim that the A/C wasn’t working. We are told that the Ramada management has tested the A/C system and have found that it is working fine, and they are suggesting to Government that there must be some other explanation for why the AIBL liquidator, Julian Murillo, was nothing but a puddle of sweat during the conference. Murillo is known to be a cool cat, but he was sweating like a pig as he stood in front of the nation yesterday to say that everything between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and AIBL is just honky-dory. According to Murillo, and the PM, the settlement is a done deal, but not a done deal, if you know what I mean. In Barrow-speak, we have settled, but they haven’t, not yet. LOL. If you think this one is done, think again. The FTC isn’t playing, and both Murillo and the PM know that they are way out of their league.

Bombs on Barrow

If you are one of those Belizeans who believes the words that were coming out of the Prime Minister’s mouth at the conference, we’d like to sell you tickets to an excursion to the Moon planned for next week, leaving from the Radisson pier. The FTC did not go after Mr. Barrow for no reason. This entity which has investigated some of the biggest scams of all time didn’t just decide one day to write down a list of lies about the PM, and his law partner, and the UDP Senator, and AIBL. The Prime Minister did what he had to do – he denied, denied and denied again. He made the FTC, with some of the top investigators in the world, out to be nothing but a bunch of irresponsible clowns out to get him, and by extension his law firm and Cabinet. But listen carefully. It’s not so much what the Prime Minister said as what he did not say. He stopped short of saying the FTC lied. He never said that. And there’s another thing. If everything the FTC said about Mr. Barrow was a lie, then why isn’t he suing? More questions than answers. And this isn’t done by a long shot.

Poor Aldo

We hear UDP Senator Aldo Salazar has been calling around to media houses too, trying to do his own spin after Mr. Barrow threw him under the bus at the press conference. Because the FTC had quite a bit to say about this former Atlantic Bank attorney turned UDP Senator turned AIBL legal advisor. It’s clear the FTC has set their sights on Senator Salazar, and we hear from close friends that he won’t be travelling to the US, or even passing through the US anytime soon. We don’t blame you, Senator. We know you are a fanatic when it comes to those weekly manicures and pedicures. We’re not sure they offer that service in the US penitentiary, but we’re sure that cute as you are, you’d be able to get quite a few full body rubs and massages.


There is a lot to cry over in this nation, but we end this week’s column pleading for justice in the savage murder of a young woman, a mother of two from the Orange Walk District. She was kidnapped, along with her 4 year old son. He was stabbed but managed to escape, while she was stabbed multiple times and strangled to death before being thrown into a cane-field. Our country has become unrecognizable. Crime is out of control. The only thing that is predictable is that from time to time the Minister of National Insecurity will get up with his fat self and say all is well. Belizeans are tired of the killing. Families are being torn apart. Mr. Minister, we know this young woman isn’t an American tourist, so she doesn’t matter to your government, but please, Sir, could you take a break from the photo opportunities, and from hanging out with your friends and try to deal with the crime? If it’s not too much trouble? Please…?

‘Special’ Envoy

And by special, we mean really ‘special.’ At the Belize Times, we don’t have a fundamental problem with Kim Simplis Barrow. She is unimportant in the scheme of things. We recognized a long time ago that she is about the glamour life, and about travelling all over the world. She loves being called the First Lady, even though she must understand that she really isn’t. The First Lady would be the wife of the Governor-General. But let’s not quibble over that. Our issue with the ‘Special’ Envoy is that she doesn’t get it. The other day a homosexual Police officer was in a situation in which we feel he was unjustly treated by his fellow officers. Simplis Barrow was on point with a release in condemnation. No problem with that. But then this young woman is brutalized, and murdered –and NOTHING. Her four-year old son was stabbed – and NOTHING. And it’s not the first time. Other innocents have been killed, slaughtered – and NOTHING. Women have been raped, dehumanized – and NOTHING. We don’t support that. We understand it, of course. Simplis Barrow is enamoured of the US, and the Embassy here is pro-LGBTQ. Again, no problem with that. But if you are going to do a job, do it well.


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