Questions to Ministers

  1. Will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please inform the Belizean people if he was aware of the Sanctuary Bay Scam from as early as 2014 and if so what measures did he take to ensure that the matter did not hurt Belize’s reputation internationally?
  2. Will the Prime Minster please say if he was aware that the former Governor of the Central Bank (CB) Mr. Glen Yasguirre had made the then head of the FIU and now Central Bank Governor Joy Grant aware that the matter of Sanctuary Bay was one that could turn out to be a fraud? And will the Prime Minister say if this matter was brought to his attention by either the former CB Governor or the Current one?
  3. Will the Minister of Health please confirm if he did ask that his CEO Figueroa be removed and be replaced by Dr. George Gough, the brother of Atlantic Bank’s leading lady Sandra Bedran?
  4. Will the Minister of Health please inform Belizeans if the hiring of George Gough as the CEO in the Ministry of Health (the regulatory body for health in the country) would not present a conflict of interest since George Gough is part-owner of a private healthcare facility?
  5. Will the Minister of Education please inform the parents of Belizeans if he intends to cut government’s allocations to religious educational institutions like St, John’s College, and St. Catherine Academy, Muffles College, Bishop Martin High School, Pallotti High School and others by 8 million dollars?


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