Thursday, August 22, 2019

After more than ten years of total incompetence, unadulterated greed and brazen corruption displayed by this UDP government under Dean Barrow, Belizeans are right to be skeptical when the Prime Minister announces a brilliant plan that will benefit all Belizeans. Under Mr. Barrow, there has been not one brilliant plan that has benefitted normal Belizeans—just shady plans that have benefitted the same not normal Belizeans over and over and over again.

In principle, and in a country not ruled by corrupt, hustling, greedy politicians, a butane company controlled by Belizeans would be a good thing. After all, the LPG industry is currently controlled by foreigners. Why not Belizeans? At least Belizeans would care less about profit and more about our well-being, right? And the money would stay here in Belize, right? And prices would go down and service would be better, right? But every single Belizean, even those that wear red blinders to bed, know better. It hasn’t worked that way.

Belizeans will remember when Mr. Barrow stood up in the House many times telling us that BTL was for us. He said we owned BTL and we should be happy and proud. No more greedy white man taking all our money, he said. No more foreigners running the show. Belizeans bit into that cookie big time, and look where that got us. BTL is now controlled fully by UDP cronies who have moved Belizeans from top management positions and replaced them with foreigners. And we haven’t even begun to talk about almost $600M secret Barrow/Ashcroft deal, the millions made by attorneys hand-selected by the Prime Minister, and the fact that the Prime Minister’s son benefitted handsomely by being gifted the top spot at BTL, with NO QUALIFICATIONS.

To this day, normal Belizeans have seen no benefit through their supposed ownership of BTL. Rates are through the roof, service is substandard, and UDP cronies continue to cream. The same can be said of the Belizean-owned BEL and the Belizean-owned BWSL. The only constant in all these Belizean-owned companies is that they are controlled by the UDP, UDP get rich off them, and Belizeans foot the ever-increasing bills.

And if you want more evidence that the UDP can’t be trusted, look at all the contracts that have been given out, and are being given out. One that stands out among the many is the $8M Faber’s Road mile, when the established price for a mile of road is $1M. Some people got rich off that one. There is the $180M Caracol Road, the $100M Sarteneja Road—all designed so that the UDP can hustle and hustle and hustle. Belizeans are not blind. We see the crappy roads being built. Decades ago roads would last 20 years without maintenance. Under the UDP, roads cost 10 times as much and barely last 3 months before deteriorating. The people have seen this countless times—over and over and over again. The UDP cannot point to one road or roundabout project which has been completed to high standards and at standard rates. Look around. It’s the truth.

And so, when Mr. Barrow gets on his white horse and pretends to be all pious and righteous and holier-than-thou, the people know better. When Mr. Barrow says this will be good for Belizeans, the people know that he is referring primarily to Belizeans whose last name is Barrow.

It matters little what Mr. Barrow says now. Nobody really cares about the words that are coming out his mouth. It is time for Mr. Barrow to go. It is time for the UDP to go!


  1. Where is that Country of Belize now? It looks more like El Salvador or Haiti because Dean BarrowOliver Dean Barrow and his band of criminal thugs hiding as ministers of the people, have actually stolen Billions from the Country and they take their monies that they have stolen and they go live the live of a KING ABROAD.

    GO FIND OUT WHERE and HOW ALL OF BARROWS KIDS and Relatives LIVE and go find out how many houses they have abroad and how much money they have hidden abroad.


    Cancha Marshalleck IS A DISGRACE. THEY JUST STOLE AND LOOTED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR THE PROJECT. I SEE AND HEAR Mr. Nicholas Ruiz Nicholas Ruiz living like a king without doing any kind of work.


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