Endorsement Ceremonies for Standard Bearer for the Mesopotamia Constituency


Dr. Candice Pitts

Thursday August 1, 2019

Acceptance Remarks

Good Evening,

I am truly honoured to have been chosen and to receive your endorsement to be the great People’s United Party’s standard bearer and so the candidate for the Mesopotamia Constituency in the next Belize General Election. I thank you for your support!

Conducting the endorsement here, at Independence Hall, is quite fitting, as Independence Hall is a monument to those Belizean men and women who have participated in and contributed to the PUP’s continuous march towards a peaceful constructive and now the progressive phase of its revolution.

This is a space that has realized times when our past and fate meet in a single moment to shape turning points in our Party’s and country’s history; such as today, when the PUP adds to its effort in fielding women Standard Bearers and therefore increases women engagement in political leadership in this country. Madam Liz, Ms Jane, Ms Sylvia Flores, Ms. Myrtle Palacio, Dolores, and now myself, are some of the very few women to join this tradition. On this note, I declare emphatically that, as a party, we must do better.

Indeed, we, all of us here today, are witnesses and beneficiaries to the administrative heft of women. The role and efforts of all women in our party therefore must be counted and celebrated. In light of this, let us take a moment for me to announce one such woman, Mrs Patricia Escalante, my now interim Campaign Manager, but the woman that managed and coordinated the renovation  of this iconic building—indeed, our Party’s home.

It is no coincidence that we are also conducting the endorsement today, August 1, a day celebrated officially and with full force almost everywhere else in the English-speaking Caribbean as Emancipation Day, except here in Belize. This also must change, and I am determined that this will change. It is long past time that we freed ourselves completely from the shackles of mental slavery, which then will allow us to more easily identify and likewise rid ourselves of the new ways in which slavery manifests its self in our society: the killing of our brother over gangs and drugs; the prostitution of our children; the abuse of our women; the devaluation of our labor; the selling of our votes for a measly $50; the tolerance of rampant corruption in our government system.

Regrettably, as a nation, we have regressed from that tradition of social justice that influenced movements such as Emancipation, Independence, and National Sovereignty. This is nowhere more evident than in the extent to which foreign agents, in collusion with many of the corrupted political representatives, act on our behalf, control our economy, and our resources, confining many of us to poverty and forcing us to claw for space and opportunities in places such as Mesopotamia.

Indeed, the people of Mesopotamia, like the rest of Belize City, and in the country, are exhausted. We are all wringing our hands at the breakdown of our families, our communities, our justice system, our political system. But, we are sure that the shaping of a Belize that works for all isn’t a challenge in which this three-termed UDP government is interested.

Unlike the UDP, we know that without a productive Belize; without the Belizean men and women working and earning a living wage; without every Belizean child attending school with the benefits of healthy meals, that Belizeans should indeed question their realization and instantiation of that 1834 Emancipation proclamation and the subsequent pronouncement of their country’s Independence in 1981.

While the three-termed UDP government has lead us to these moments of critical political uncertainties, our Party’s Leader, Hon. John Briceno, with proper balance of vision, empathy, and courage, recognized that life as we know it under this government cannot survive. As such, in January of 2019, he is introduced the Bill of Rights. Bills that would ensure, under his leadership and governance, there is the creation of jobs in all villages and municipalities; that all Belizeans have access to a piece of land; can attend school; can live in decent homes, and so forth. His ultimate vision is to have a Belize that works for all.

As the Standard Bearer for Mesopotamia, aligned with the vision of our party, and guided by the revolutionary spirit of those such as George Price, Marcus Garvey, Annie flowers, Madam Liz, I will march and soldier on to launch a war on poverty in Mesopotamia; ensure all school-aged children are enrolled in school; that they no longer attend school hungry; that they live in decent homes; that there are more opportunities for the youth; that more jobs are created; that there is a community conducive to the habitation of healthy, happy, productive human beings.

As Standard Bearer, and Area Representative-hopeful, I ultimately intend to ensure that the people of Mesopotamia and the citizens of Belize’s every right to live in peace and unity will be fully restored and that they can live out the fullness of their human dignity in a country that works for everyone. Thank you!



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