Questions to Ministers

  1. Will the Prime Minister please say if he is in receipt of a letter sent to his office by email from Mrs. Laura Deliso, from Madrid, Spain, containing serious allegations of wrong doing by the Central Bank of Belize’s recently appointed liquidator of Choice Bank? And will the Prime Minister also say if he will be asking the Governor of the Central Bank to look into these allegations about her former Deputy Central Bank Governor?
  2. Considering that Minister Edmond Castro is in possession of a very expensive range rover which is registered as his private vehicle, will the Prime Minister say if he will request that Minister Edmond Castro provide the integrity commission a report of his finances which should include the present value of his range rover which averages around $98,000 US dollars?
  3. Considering the confusing and incoherent ramblings of Pablo Marin in response to questions about his proposed $1.6 million dollar warehouse, will some responsible member of the Barrow Administration, if such a person exists, please inform the Belizean people who is telling the truth and who is lying in the matter of the use of NHI funds for the building of a warehouse for medical supplies.
  4. Will the Minister of Works Rene Montero please inform the nation if the sworn declaration made in a US Court by Frank Costanzo under penalty of perjury and signed on 9th June 2019 which states that Rene Montero visited Sanctuary Belize in 2018 is true or false and is Rene Montero also prepared to swear under penalty of perjury that he has never visited or made any decision in Cabinet that pertains to Sanctuary Bay, Sanctuary Belize or any of its associated companies?

Will the Minister of Culture please say if he is aware of the allegation that Imer Hernandez, highly-connected and well-positioned UDP crony, destroyed a Maya mound? And if so, has the Minister asked for the Department of Archaeology to go in to determine the truth about this allegation and, if true, will the relevant authorities be called in to levy the appropriate penalties?


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