The Doctor and the Deportee


“Shyne deserves another chance,” squeaked at least one faint voice. This writer agrees. Moses Michael Leviy Barrow should give up being the daddy anointed Standard Bearer of Mesopotamia, resign the post of Music Ambassador and attempt being a normal citizen of Belize. Anything other than that would be foregoing a second chance.

Up to now his only claim to fame involves being the son of the worst Prime Minister Belize could possibly have. He could also claim his being deported to Belize in all shining splendour. If you are a hardworking Belizean in the diaspora, imagine the possibility of returning home via the VIP Lounge at the PSW and then going on to be housed at The Renaissance Tower’s penthouse suite—the highest floor and, of course, the most expensive. You still imagining there? This actually happened with Shyne as a recent deportee from the USA in November 2009. But Gapi said it best, Synne Barrow “is not a normal person in Belize.” Are deportees required to report to the police station? Not sure.

Flash forward to 2019 we heard Shyne having the worst time of his life with some female friend. This is what he shouted at someone as he was being removed for disorderly conduct from a nightclub nonetheless. Had the nightclub lesson in the USA worn off? Is he a case of you can take him away from the nightclub but you can’t take the nightclub away from him?

Yes give him another chance, there is no honourable in this dishonourable.

Without digressing, there was another homecoming of a Belizean after years in the USA. The juxtaposition here is like shaking oil with water. The separation occurs so naturally. It is so unfair to Shyne. In a head to head match up it is a mismatch. Belize does not deserve the son on Barrow in the House of Representatives. We deserve only the best.

Dr. Candice A. Pitts is an Assistant Professor at the University of Belize and a Belize City Councilor, with responsibility for Women, Children, Families; Foreign Affairs; NGOS, and After School Programs.

She was born in Port Loyola and attended Port Loyola Pre-school, St. John’s Vianney Primary School, Pallotti High School, and St. John’s College Junior College.

She attained a basketball scholarship and pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in the United States at Albany State University. She graduated from ASU (Summa Cum Laude) and pursued her Master’s degree at The Ohio State University and later her Ph.D. at Howard University in Washington, DC. Dr. Pitts has presented her research globally and has published scholarly articles in professional and international journals.

Her passion has always been the participation of women in politics and their contributions to the development of the Belizean nation. As such, after her studies, Dr. Pitts made the decision to return to Belize and to Port Loyola to be of service to her country. Her education has exposed her to the doctrines of social justice which inform and propel her single mindedness to join in the transformation of her community and City and to join in the development of Belize.

Don’t let me convince you. Mesopotamia: meet her, talk to her, and watch her to listen to you. Candice will inspire you to be the best you can be. Mesopotamia voters, this is your time to be with the PUP and be a part of the change that is inevitable. Belize needs you. You can help make a better Belize that will work for you.

Consider this: Belize and Mesopotamia need a person who our children should be looking up to enhance their dreams and not one constantly involved in altercations.


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