Questions to Ministers?

  1. Considering the statements made by Junior Minister Tracy Panton that the Trade Ministry is considering over a billion dollars in new investments, will the Minister of State please provide a list of these potential investments so as to assure Belizeans that this is not just an elusive dream as was the two-sided machete?
  2. Will the Minister of Transport Edmond Castro please provide the nation with the full details of the agreement signed between GOB and the Bus Owners laying out the terms of the Agreement? And will Minister Castro also say if he or anyone related to him is involved in any bus company currently providing bus service to Belizeans?
  3. Will the Minister of the Environment please tell Belizeans what role Mr. Martin Alegria, the Chief Environmental Officer is playing in the efforts to address the situation on the New River, and will the Minister also agree that the situation with the New River is something that should have been addressed by the Chief Environmental Officer long before it reached this point and as such Alegria should be dismissed for not doing his job?
  4. When will the Prime Minister say something about the situation regarding the New River?
  5. Will the Minister of Education please inform Belizeans how much BTL is spending on computers and data for schools and will he also say if government intends to use this as a partial write-off for possible BTL arrears to GST?


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