Instrument of Tyranny


The preservation of Democracy is a highly complex balancing feat in Belize.  Perched, as it is, precariously atop seven severely eroded pillars: elections, political tolerance, and rule of law, freedom of expression, transparency, decentralization, and civil society.  Truth be told, and shame on the Red Devil!  There has been for the past twelve years a constant and persistent wearing down of these safeguards, a veritable onslaught if you will, both malicious and deliberate in their intent to destroy our precious hold on Democracy.

Our Elections and Boundaries Department and others such as the Vital Statistics Department and Immigration Department which are key to maintaining the integrity of the voters’ list are corrupt.  They are the subject of deep frustration and intense ridicule on social media across the entire country.  Ms. Tamay accepts without question the registration of Deputy Commissioner Broaster at an address the entire country knows that he does not reside at.  She is the puppet who must now tell the very obvious lies and face the scorn and disdain of the Belizean public.  Mr. Broaster, for his part lost what little credibility he still had, what he gained is anyone’s guess.

However, this is serious because the reputation of the COMPOL and the entire Police Department hang in the balance.  How can the Police Department continue to condone this farce, this blatant lie?  How can they expect respect, and demand law and order from the citizenry when they are unable to uphold the law amongst their own ranks?  They are complicit in tearing down our Democracy!  It is no secret that to join the Police, Coast Guard or BDF the most important document you must provide is a recommendation of your Red area rep or caretaker.

These departments charged with upholding law, order and national security are filled to capacity with political puppets, whose only task is to perform those duties convenient to the Red Puppet Master.  In some circles you hear the questioning if the Judiciary has not been equally stacked. If so, it’s a move made to hedge their bets against losses for the numerous expensive litigation processes the GOB loves to engage in.  The result has been zero confidence in our judicial system and now even the GOB and their minions are taken to court in other countries by parties seeking justice.  The political climate in Belize is oppressive, the rule of law is breaking down from the inside out.  It is often times the Police who are used to silence freedom of the press either by physically assaulting journalists or refusing to share information with them.  The new standard for transparency is as murky and fetid as the New River.  There is no accountability, the office of the Contractor General remains vacant and our prediction that it will remain so seems very likely.  This Red Tide seems intent on swallowing everything in its direct path to anarchy.  The manipulation and gerrymandering knows no bounds even the DAVCO elections are not safe and were postponed because a majority in favour of the ruling party could not be assured.

Calvin Coolidge former president of the USA once said that “no matter how disguised, the moment the government engages in buying and selling by that act is fixing prices.”  At the moment not even the private sector is safe as this government continues to legislate in order to form mega monopolies that it uses to fund election gimmicks.  Even this week another increase in fuel prices has hit everyone hard, most of all the agriculture sector that has been struggling with drought.  Coolidge also warned against “a government which lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy.”  This type of governance “is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny.”  With so many tyrants that continue to linger, and despots that refuse to flee, we have come far from the idyllic tranquil haven of democracy.


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