The Honorable Patrick Faber is cocksure he will win the UDP leadership convention on February 9 of next year. He has been boasting that he has beaten his sole rival, John Saldivar on a previous occasion and will not do it again in February.

Faber was not counting on Gaspar Gapi Vega entering the race with millions for Saldivar to buy UDP delegates who will vote for John Saldivar.

Not only that, Faber has run off his mouth on a crucial matter. When he wins he says, he will right away take over leadership of the party and he will not allow Barrow to be telling him what to do. Barrow intends to still run the party and the government until general elections are called.

Now this is tricky business. Serious business.

For the general elections, the voters list is in Barrow’s favour. General election can be called before the UDP convention in February.

All that aside, Faber has been indicating that once he is the new UDP leader he is not going to sit around and take instructions from Barrow. He needs to revisit the interview Barrow gave last year. That whoever is elected party leader is merely a party leader designate. There has to be a vacancy before the designate can take up the position. Until Barrow leaves there is no vacancy so the convention in February is no indication that Barrow will leave at that time. Faber has completely missed this point.

It is Barrow who will lead the UDP into the generals, which he feels can be won with his bogus voters list.

John Saldivar has let it be known if he wins the convention that he is prepared to wait until whenever Barrow decides to leave. Barrow, his son Shyne who has been given the Mesopotamia constituency, and Barrow’s group of area representatives have all decided to support John Saldivar as the new UDP leader.

The people of Belize have decided that whether it is Barrow, Saldivar or Faber, UDP is done, it is time for a change. A serious change that will benefit people and not a handful of hustlers.


The Council of Churches has remained silent. Likewise the Evangelicals. The massive scandal of how politicians have been padding the voters list have brought no comment or condemnation from these religious bodies who represent no other than the out spoken prophets of the Bible and fearless John the Baptist not to mention our Redeemer Jesus Christ.

How can religious leaders stay quiet in this most immoral action by our leaders? How?

At a highly suspect address in Belize City there are 13 bogus voters. At another at 56 Regent Street, a few houses from the Cathedral named after John the Baptist, there are 53 bogus voters. Shucks! How many rooms are there at Radisson Fort George? Can one board house where the down stairs is an office, have space for 53 persons and their families to live? There are hundreds of instances of padding the voters list.

The Chamber of Commerce, which represents the business sector of Belize stand condemned by their deafening silence.

Gentlemen, have you no shame? Have you lost your moral compass? Is not protecting our young democracy a matter of great importance.


Five police were shown on the television news recently trying to restrain an unruly and disobedient 15 year old female. It was a shameful episode.

Shameful for the police. How unprofessional and poorly trained they appeared. Manhandling a 15 year old female. She was elbowed and hit in the face. Another officer is dragging her hair. Out of frustration an officer gets behind her and places her in an illegal and unsafe chokehold.

A choke hold is most unsafe. It cuts off the flow of blood to the brain. The police were publicly condemned for applying this technique to a gay man at a pier in Caye Caulker just a few months ago.

And here they were again, right back to this unsafe practice. The Commissioner spoke in favor of the five, saying they showed restraint. He did not condemn the choke hold.

Our complaint is not with the police, they are a lost cause. But we expected the Human Rights Commission to have taken strong issue with what the cameras revealed.

Was there not one police with a little common sense training? Who could relax the situation? Speak to the minor. Calm her down. And calm down yourself. Why is everything a confrontation, force and brutality? Like they did in Bella Vista two months ago, in Independence Village, San Ignacio and in San Pedro last week where an officer is going around with a glove to do anal search for drugs in public. Boy! Oh Boy.


Nigerians in Belize got together on Saturday night at the Belize Institute of Management to celebrate their country’s 59th anniversary of Independence from British rule.

Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa with 196 million people. The Eboes tribe is the third largest in Nigeria. Many Eboes was brought through Jamaica as slaves to Belize. There were so many of these industrious Eboes that from Berkeley Street to Racecourse Street was officially named Eboe Town were most Eboes slaves built “ long barracks” homes for themselves and their families.

Ed. Note: The Views above are of the author and not necessarily of the PUP.


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