Party Leader’s Weekly Message: “Water, Water Everywhere and not a Drop to Drink”


1st November 2019

So now the problem is with the water in Belize City.  There seems to be no end to this UDP Government’s incompetence.

You know the role of government is first and foremost to protect citizens from threats at home and abroad.  Sometimes I think the real threat to our national security IS the United Democratic Party.

When they and their cronies don’t have us embroiled up in some International Scandal like the Sanctuary Bay Saga, they have us worried about local issues like their response to the recent drought in the north and now the water problem in Belize City.

Time and time again you have heard us say they are incompetent.  Imagine, now we have a serious problem in Belize City with the drinking water.  It is not enough that our sewage system can collapse at any minute.  It is not enough that our health system is such that we have a dengue outbreak and a shortage of anti-retro viral medications.

It is not enough that we all leave our homes literally in fear of street violence in our Cities and Towns.   Now we have to worry about the water we drink.

It’s like I said in my Independence Day address, the UDP has us weary with worry.

Listening to the response from the Belize Water Services CEO was unbelievable. Mr. Alvin Haynes actually admitted that this problem is because of abundant rain.  Do we not have abundant rain every rainy season?  Do we not have a rainy season every year? Common sense would tell you to plan for these events.  More alarming was his pronouncement that the plant in Belize City is currently not able to deal with the minerals in the water.   Did we not plan for this in advance?   Did Alberto August, the UDP Party Chairman, and politically appointed Chairman of the BWS Board of Directors not know of this problem?

A problem with our drinking water puts us all at risk when it makes us sick.  Currently, we are in more than a crisis, this is an emergency.   I agree with Glen Tillett that there should be, and I am quoting him here: “thorough, as in comprehensive, independent review, assessment, and analysis of our entire national water supply and sewage system, and that report should be public.”

More importantly, we all have to hold this government accountable.  They have failed us in so many ways and it is time for them to get out of the way so that we can get to work on building a Belize That works for Everyone.

Thanks, God bless and have a safe week.