Questions to the Ministers

  1. Will the Minister of Finance please inform the Belizean public if the audit of BTL for the unpaid GST funds is finalized? If so how much is owed and has it been paid? And if not, why is it taking so long?
  2. Will the Minister of Education please say if he is prepared to write-off the student debt for the Belizean students at UB as he was prepared to write-off the debt of Joshua Perdomo who resides in Dallas, Texas?
  3. Will the Prime Minister as head of government please say when Senator Aldo Salazar will present the Senate Select Committee report on the Immigration Scandal which involves Minister Manuel Heredia, Elvin Penner, Edmond Castro, Boots Martinez, Rene Montero, John Saldivar and other highly-placed UDP operatives?
  4. Will the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte please provide the Belizean public with a status report on United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)?
  5. Considering that the PUP administration built thousands of homes for Belizeans from 1998 – 2008, will the Minister of Housing Michael Finnegan please provide information on how many houses have been built in the past 11 years?