Dean Barrow’s reign of terror is almost over.  All praises are due to Allah.  The man who singularly and in the spirit of a petty tyrant, has done the most damage to the social and economic well-being of Belizeans, will soon be gone.

Barrow won three general elections.  In a straight forward contest between the PUP and UDP in 1998, the UDP were left gasping on the ground with only three seats.  Barrow squared off against Said Musa and took the whipping or his political career.  PUP 28 UDP 3.

IN 2008 Barrow became Prime Minister. Not because he produced a better vision for the country, but benefitted from internal PUP government problems.  The Unions and media did the heavy lifting.  Dying to be a Prime Minister, Mr. Barrow promised the Unions and people of Belize that if elected he would run a government of accountability and transparency.  He even claimed he had a machete and would cut down any corruption in his government.  Not even a whiff of corruption would be tolerated.  What a sick joke this has become.  But the joke is on the suffering people of Belize.

General elections should normally be every five years.  This allows the people of Belize to properly judge the full overall performance of a government.  But by 2012 Mr. Barrow for his own reasons which has nothing to do with what is best for Belize, called another election.  He almost lost.

The people wanted to get rid of him and the UDP.  Let us just say, for now, he had some inside help. UDP   PUP.

Sure enough the serial killer of our dreams and hopes was back at it.  Another general elections in 2015.  Wow!  Master of the games.  Playing games with the people lives and the future of our children.

In 2015 Mr. Barrow held a secret meeting in Miami with billionaire businessman Lord Ashcroft, former owner of BTL who had several cases against the Barrow’s government.  Was this meeting a major, unlawful conflict of interest, no government officials were present.  Barrow signed over to Ashcroft more than five hundred and fifty million dollars as compensation for grabbing BTL in violations of the laws of Belize. That’s more than half a billion dollars of taxpayers monies.

There was no payment plan.  No phased disbursement of ten or twenty million dollars annually.  Which law firm got the lawyer fees of twenty percent?

And then it started emerging that the Petro Caribe special oil arrangement from Venezuela had racked up over four hundred fifty million dollars in an illegal account held in secret at the Central Bank rather than in the Consolidated Fund as the Constitution required.

With those kind of monies who could lose the 2015 general elections.

And yet history records that a divided opposition without funding was able to emerge with….seats.

The suffering masses of Belizeans wants to get rid of Barrow.  They have seen through him.  He is glass.  It is he who is transparent.  Empty.  We all see right through him. He brought almost no reforms, no improvement.  Every government institution has been subverted. Crime, poverty, unemployment, and hopelessness are rampant.  As for corruption. Every child knows that the UDP and corruption are synonyms.  Scratch one, you find the other.

Barrow and his UDP misery are coming to an end.

Barrow, once a proud Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods will not face the wrath of the people.  He will be pulling the strings behind Faber and Saldivar.  Two of the most unworthy politicians to try to lead our beloved country.

Both Faber and Saldivar have been Ministers in Barrow’s government for the past eleven plus years.  Their performances in their Ministry have been ordinary and lack-luster.  In the case of the Ministry of Education, Faber could not even bring into effect the teaching of African and Mayan history.  Yet a group of students and teachers successfully introduced such teaching in the curriculum at SJC.

Young Belizeans from poor families are still denied a college and Sixth Form education for lack of money. Why, after eleven years, Faber has still not brought in partial free education to those who cannot afford.  The failure to provide skills training to the thousands of out-of-school youth is nothing short of scandalous.  We could list many other short comings.

As for Saldivar, he actually signed to allow and head a Guatemalan Company and Guatemalan workers building Belizean Forward Military base at Hunting Caye.  When this threat to our national security was uncovered the Honorable Saldivar’s response to the nation was we should not look a gift horse in the mouth.  As the Police Minister, he has not put forward a single initiative to tackle Belize’s number one internal problem in rising criminality.  We need say no more.

We find it amazing that Faber has been the Deputy Prime Minister all these years and Dean finds him unworthy to be the next leader of the UDP.

We find it most unbecoming for the Prime Minister’s son and his sister along with flunkie Finnigan and his wife to present themselves at Saldivar’s convention for Party Leadership last Sunday.  No principle, no ethics.  Might as well Barrow had attended.

The nation of Belize urgently needs a major change of direction. That can only come about with a change of government.

We call upon all Belizeans to reject the corrupt UDP and support Johnny Briceño and his team to rescue Belize.



Is the University of Belize a place of learning?  It can be.  There is no evidence that a robust and progressive learning experience is taking place.  UB, like most of our colleges and sixth forms, is based on passing examinations.  As such it is mostly remembering and parroting what is taught.

What is taught is not about thinking, critical thinking:  How to analyze, How to research, How to gather information, How to have the patience to look on two sides of any issue, of any problem.

And how to be an active part of the community or the affairs of the country.  How to feel a part of the village, the community and the society we live.

From that point of view, UB is dead.  They are not a part of the issues and discussions on what is going on in our beautiful Belize.

We are proud of all our UB students.  It is the teachers and policy-makers who draw our disappointment.