Monday Morning 25th November, 2019.

With most, if not all, of Love FM TV and Radio host in the studio going from one topic to another, the issue of the Opposition law suit against P.M. Barrow came up, briefly.

The law suit is an application before Chief Justice to declare, unconstitutional and unlawful the INCREDIBLE behavior of the Prime Minister who spent over ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollars without ever going to the House of Representatives for approval, as the law mandates. No democratic country in the world would ever tolerate that.

Rene Villanueva, owner of Love FM jumped in the conversation and said words to the effect that the issue was no big deal because there was approval. Since every matter that goes to the House of Representatives has to be approved by the Cabinet, and the Cabinet was the majority in the House, then in effect there was legal approval. Wrong Mr. Rene!

Rene then, looking pleased with this brilliant insight, threw up both arms to indicate that only foolish people could not appreciate this evident solution.

Obviously, Dean Barrow himself does not see this, he hired a foreign lawyer (his brother and ex-wife are not available, after previously receiving millions of dollars of legal fees approved by said PM Barrow) to argue some fool, fool points at the Supreme Court. Maybe for an additional hundred thousand dollars the foreign lawyer could include Rene’s brilliant insight.

And why is Lisa Shoman not on the case for the P.M? Has she been used and discarded so quickly?

We take great issue with what Rene Villanueva has done. This is just the latest example. He is doing worse than the Chamber of Commerce, the Churches and some of the workers unions. They keep silent in the face of wrong doing, abuse of office and rampant corruption. Rene provides alternative facts. He is sabotaging the truth. He is trafficking in ignorance and misleading his viewers. As the only radio and TV station with countrywide reach, this is a gross disservice to people who do not know better and are unable to hear the facts and the truth.

The truth dear Rene is this. What Cabinet discusses and decides is SECRET. What is presented to the House of Representatives is public. The government Ministers can have their way, but the opposition will have its say. In this process the public is informed.

Cabinet cannot give approval for spending tax payers monies, only the House of Representatives is authorized by law to do so.

The fasts dear Rene, dear Rene, dear Rene, is that at the time the Prime Minister Dean Barrow was abusing his office and spending millions upon millions, without Parliament approval, it was a criminal offence.

Please read the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act, number 31 of 2010. Please read Section 5 which added a new subsection (2) which provides for a fine and imprisonment of two years for what Dean Barrow has been accused of doing.

This part Rene would not know. When it was discovered what Barrow was doing by spending millions of dollars without lawful approval, the Leader of the Opposition was notified. He was also informed that the PUP could apply to the Supreme Court for an Order of Mandamus, ordering the DPP and Commissioner of Police to arrest Dean Barrow and take him to Court on each count of violating the law. The Financial Secretary would get his share of it too. He seems to have become a collaborator of wrong doing.

If the DPP and Compol did not carry out the Supreme Court Order, they would be cited for contempt of Court, which could land them in jail.

This other part Rene should know. When Dean Barrow was tipped off as to what was coming his way, he didn’t get Cabinet approval, he didn’t opt for Rene’s logic, that if Cabinet approves, it means the House of Representatives have approved. He rushed through a law to get approval that all his illegal spending was to be made legal.


Ever heard of it? There are so many “uniforms of brutality” that you would lose track. MIT – Mobile Introduction Team. QRT – Quick Response Ream. ADU – Anti Drug Unit. GSU – Gang Suppression Unit (most lawless of them all) and probably a SPAWS – Special Branch Anti Weed Squad; they listen to phone calls and pay snitches to rat on weed sellers. LOL! These just a few of the many roaming around as police.

But BSAG, it means Belize Special Assignment Group. They answer to the Americans. And possibly the Israelis.

By the way, all these groups are outfitted with military uniforms and big guns although they are supposed to be police officers. They carry no name tags or identification numbers. All have one thing in common. They are above the law.

In February 2018, BSAG was in Orange Walk Town. A female told one of them that a person took away her cell phone. They sprang into action, seven of them were BDF one was Police. They put on American issued masks and descended on a house. They administered a horrific beating on two persons, kicking, stomping, gun-butting. Ariel Salazar, looked like a dog which is run over by a truck. Chest bust open, ribs broke up. Horrible!

Honourable John Briceno called for immediate remedial action, he said BSAG and Minister Elodio Aragon must go. Chester ordered the arrest of the group. Orange Walk and the rest of Belize were outraged. They were charged for murder.

In September 2018, all the murderers were quietly released and sent home. The BDF did not fully cooperate with the police investigations. This is a form of corruption.

This whole matter stinks and is outrageous. We can’t help but wonder if the Americans are behind this outrage.


“It’s the economy, stupid”. That was the campaign slogan of Bill Clinton’s successful election for the Presidency of U.S.A.

In the fight against corruption in Belize, we need to appreciate that spending millions on infrastructure is the proven way how corruption takes place.

Ever wonder why this thieving government is building roads that go nowhere and serve no purpose? Forty million from airport through bush to Mile 8 on the Western Highway? Or the scandalous $180 million dollars for Caracol Road? Remember the Faber’s Road Scandal? Eight million dollars for ONE street in Belize City. Thieves.


The Queen Square electoral division had over four thousand voters. After re-registration exercise, suddenly the division shrink to a little over two thousand voters.

How could this be? Where have over two thousand voters disappeared to?

It has always been suspected that voter fraud was rampant in Queen’s Square.

Ed. Note: The opinions expressed above are of the author and not necessarily that of the PUP.