BNTU Goes GREEN in Protest


Monday January 6, 2020

The Belize National Teachers Union led by President Elena Smith asked all their members and all teachers to be in solidarity with the cause of making sure that the government does not unilaterally amend the Education Act. Failed Minister Faber as usual is not in concert with the teachers. Teachers were asked to all wear their GREEN, teachaz got yu back T-shirts today, first day of the new year in school. This might not seem like much but in a profession that is used to teacher’s uniform, this will be noticeable and significantly symbolic of their dissatisfaction with government.

In 2012, this is the same UDP government that went ahead to sign the now failed Teacher’s Education Act of 2012. Infamously, Faber simple signed in the statutory instrument showing that he needed no one else but his pen to ram his desire down the teachers’ throat. This is the same Faber that now begs to be leader of the wreck called the United Democratic Party.

This time around he want to place, amend, three things in the law.

One: He wants to give one person the authority to state when the teachers are to be on Christmas Break, Easter Break, and Summer Vacation. Faber thinks that the teachers have three vacations. The teaching profession spills into what most of us take as private time. Teachers are not 8 to 5 workers with a normal lunch hour. They work practically 24/7. There is a lot of inefficiency in the writing of lesson plans for instance and we can go on and on. If a teacher does not work, this shows up in the next class. No need for a law.

Two: He wants to force the idea of contracts—contracts onto a profession. This may make sense for him but this is a lot of nonsense. I will call this the Miller Syndrome. If you know that you are on you way out then you should not be signing anything. You had 12 years. You failed. DONE.

Three: The filling in/substitution of teachers in emergency situations. The Union feels that there is too much room here for cronyism in the hiring even during an emergency. We wonder if this emergency has to do when these same teacher are on strike. The UDP at their best are horrible and vindictive.

The PUP is on record that the whole Faber nonsense will end as soon as possible. The teachers know what to advice Faber to do with his proposals.