Déjà vu? Dirty Dee does it Penner Style


Today, hundreds of immigrants lined up and assembled outside the Lake Independence office of the UDP’s aspirant for office, Dianne Finnegan. They were there, one of them told a reporter for the Belize Times, because they had been promised by persons working for Finnegan that she could assist with the processing of their nationality documents, and also assist with the monies needed to be paid into the nationality department for the processing.

Finnegan is showing her desperation at the UDP’s time in office runs out, but political observers in the area today told the Belize Times that even if she manages to push through nationalities for a million immigrants, she will never win in Lake Independence, which is the stronghold of PUP general Cordel Hyde. Still, Dianne’s desperation mirrors the desperation of UDP Ministers and aspirants all over the country.

Mrs. Finny, or Dirty Dee as she has now become known, is following in the footsteps of disgraced UDPs like Elvin Penner, who was caught on camera and admitted without shame that he was expediting nationality documents for immigrants just before elections in 2012, and even paying for them. Belizeans know that whenever elections are close, the UDP goes into desperation mode, and pulls out all the stops to try to secure a victory. Belizeans also know that if the UDP had not infiltrated the Elections and Boundaries Department and the Immigration Department, they would have been a one term government.

In 2012, and again in 2015, the corruption and manipulation which facilitated the UDP victories were clear to see. And again, since 2019, we have seen the same chess pieces being moved into play.

Like Dirty Dee, many UDPs are paying for nationality documents for immigrants and are pushing their documents through the nationality process. Many of these immigrants become Belizeans without the necessary documents, and only because the procedure is ‘shortcut.’ They are told that if they do not vote for the UDP during the general election, their nationalities will be revoked. The bullying and intimidation and lies is very real, and the UDP under Dean Oliver has become the master at victimizing and abusing the people.

Recently, Minister of Lands Hugo Patt has gone on tour, making promises of land giveaways to Belizeans, expedited leases, farmland and promises of titles. Belizeans know by now that the UDP is good at making promises, but when it comes to delivering on those promises that is another story.

Whenever general elections are called, the Belizean people will send a message to the UDP. We are tired of imagining the possibilities, tired of waiting for the best to come, of suffering while the UDPs and their cronies get rich. Enough is enough. Dean Barrow can call the election tomorrow or in a week or in a month. The people are waiting. Dirty Dee and the UDP will face the wrath of the people. So it is written. So shall it be done.