Peyrefitte not Elected…again


Peyrefitte, the worst speaker of the House of Representatives needs to show that he can replace Alberto August so he starts punching randomly in the dark. Peyrefitte adlibs and attempts to axe at the strongest tree in Belize. The Attorney General feigns at being upset with the Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition being concerned for the Belizean people and our sovereignty. Peyrefitte wants to know what is the highest level of government and what evidence there is that the UDP is in charge of making sure that drug planes do not fly unfettered into Belizean airspace.

John Briceño: “He would know if it is him or not. I think what is important is that obviously we hit a raw nerve and that is why they are so concerned. I think what they are supposed to be doing is telling us this is the plane and how we are going to stop drug planes from landing in Belize. That is what we want to hear from him.”

Peyrefitte’s 24 hour deadline was tantamount to a childish 1-2-3 count without any real legal desire. It is so sad that anything can be written in the Belize Times and the Attorney General will never get to read it since, as he said, our Belize Times “is the perfect place to hide something.” No wonder he does not get sane advice that is often given to him for just a dollar.

The party leader is looking out for the truth and the Belizean people.

Peyrefitte wants to fit into being the new UDP chairman. He must be happy now that it was NOT contested. We all know what happens when he is in a contest. He has lost in Freetown more than once and Port Loyola. For Peyrefitte to be in government he had to be pushed in via the Senate.

We suggest the Attorney General stays away from the mike and relegate himself to regulating his departments and please get that report from Aldo. The people will love to read it before the general elections.