PUP Highlights of 2019 Part II

Party Leader Hon John Briceño has toured villages across the length and breadth of this jewel of ours, meeting with villagers as far south as Oxtacha and Dolores, Pueblo Viejo and Santa Elena and as far north as Consejo Shores, San Estevan and Xaibe. Everywhere he goes the cry is the same, “We are tired of being ignored and disrespected by this UDP Administration.
PUP wins week TWO of the Village Councils, 22 to 18—that’s two in a row and the larger villages were voting blue. UDP was winning where the PUP didn’t not field candidates due to financial constraints. The UDP used their power to ram candidates through in those small villages. The same happened in Week 3 and 4 when the PUP called the VICTORY in the 2019 VCE’s, 95 to 76. Many independent slates later voiced to support the PUP; this would easily give the PUP 100plus villages. The people margin is huge since the UDP won 76 small villages.
Sanctuary Bay Press Conference: “In the biggest scandal in FTC history, a scandal that has brought shame and disgrace to our country, Prime Minister Barrow cannot expect that his press conference is the be all and end all of this matter. Belizeans demand accountability. Wrongdoing cannot be ignored. There must be resignations. The Prime Minister stated that he would take one for his team, is that the corrupt team Prime Minister? You and your cronies must now take one for Team Belize. For God’s sake leave.” –Party Leader John Briceño
Dr. Candice Pitts was endorsed as the standard bearer for Mesopotamia. She will succeed and improve the failed UDP in this division impatient for a real representative.
The Villagers of La Gracia Cayo defended their use of agricultural land by passively wielding machetes that the PM has refused to use against the corruption forming hotbeds throughout his government.
The Belize City Council got the Municipal Paper through the House of Representatives. PUP administrations like those in Belize City, Orange Walk and Corozal have proved to be financially sound; the financial stability was such that even the Prime Minister found it impossible to refuse the City proposal for a bond.
A post by Honourable José Abelardo Mai on the Orange Walk South constituency Representative’s Facebook page sounded the alarm bells that the corn producers were being affected by a serious drought. Farmers in Blue Creek, Spanish Lookout and Little Belize suffered fifty percent of loss, whilst Indian Creek realized loss was twenty percent. The UDP shook at the stench that enveloped Orange Walk Town and Belize. They eventually called this a partial emergency.
Our prayers were answered as the Party Leader quickly recovered as he rested after an automobile accident that had threatened his life and that of his driver. Many thanks to our God.
The PUP debuted three senators Isabel Bennett, Michel Chebat and Dr. Louis Zabaneh
The PUP City council opens up in a Bipartisan manner the new City Hall.
The PUP and supporters en masse took up the call by the Belizean Hero and Father of the Nation to symbolically do small projects of service that were meaningful gestures. This is a precursor of the PUP being ready to lead the nation in solving larger scale problems and developing a Belize that will work for everyone
Party Leader Independence Speech Highlights:

1.      People’s United Party are ready to meet and deliver for our people in this new age.

2.      Belizean worker can expect NO less than five dollars an hour minimum wage.

3.      Renewed spirit of entrepreneurship will not only be encouraged but vigorously pursued and supported.

4.      So, we must, and we will, finance a fully-functional anti-corruption agency.

5.      We must and my Party will declare an all-out war on crime and violence, and we will win this war and once again make our country safe.

6.      reducing the cost of diesel to $9.00 a gallon or less

7.      Join us, and with the guidance of our Creator, let us together make our generation’s chapter in the history of our nation one that fulfilled the promise of prosperity by building a Belize that works for everyone.

8.      And more…

The Hope Creek Water Board did not mince any words and are willing to take any action necessary to keep their present Water Board Chairman; especially since, he has a year left in his tenure. They as a village along with their recently elected Village Council of this past summer 2019 feel that he is of great integrity.
Victory in the DAVCO in Orange Walk, Stann Creek and Cayo shows a giant Hope in the PUP and gross disenchantment with the UDP. The rural areas are ready for greater RESPECT.
“Welcome to the launch of the Mesopotamia Community Sewing Center Today marks the continuation of a series of historic moments in Mesopotamia and the ushering of the new beginning in this constituency.”—Candice Pitts
“The next PUP government will do something meaningful to help those suffering with mental illness. We will do our part to reach out to advocates, social and religious organizations and, yes, even families to develop programs to help address mental health issues like suicide, depression and other related issues.”—Party Leader Message during Mental Health Week
Correspondence is served by the Leader of the Opposition to the Speaker of the House. This brought the point and the right of the defence of Democracy and the Belizean people. This put her on notice that she should not be stifling the opposition and their voicing of the concerns of the people.
“There seems to be no end to this UDP Government’s incompetence. …the role of government is first and foremost to protect citizens from threats at home and abroad. Sometimes I think the real threat to our national security IS the United Democratic Party.” – Hon. John Briceño commenting on the escalating water crisis which now has Belize City water browning and non-potable.
PG residents from all sectors protest the negligent UDP town board.
Party Leader is seen in Dangriga celebrating with the Gariganu people.
PUP Village Councils and Municipal Councils are seen all over the country cleaning up and getting ready for the Christmas festivities.
‘We in the PUP hear you when you say that our hospitals and polyclinics are not up to standards, and that medication is unavailable.

We know how worried you are about your peers who are dying senselessly.

We hear you when you say that proper access to education is needed countrywide.

We hear you and we agree with you on all these things and I promise to go to work hard every day to turn things around so that when you grow up you can say, I live in a good country and I live in a Belize that works for everyone.” –Party Leader Message to Children after the Children’s Parliament on International Children’s Day

“For us, it is very important to set a precedent now, for this government and for future governments, to ensure that this does not happen again. We have every confidence that the next government is going to be a government led by the PUP. And, we want to make sure that that does not happen in our government.”—John Briceño commenting on the trial on the allegation that the UDP spent millions of funds not appropriated by the National Assembly and only retrospectively which could be unconstitutional.
Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold is sworn in as Standard Bearer for the Collet Division. He brings with him real leadership tools that will topple the rep that has taken Collet for granted and thus ignored the Collet masses.
The PUP was seen everywhere spreading the Christmas Cheer in their constituencies. The PUP representatives stretched the 20G that was allocated to PUP constituencies via their Representatives. The illegal caretakers also got 20G in campaign funds which cheered their own Christmas.

The PUP ended 2019 in grand style showing the nation that they are ready to lead with a Party Leader who has instilled the HOPE that we CAN build a Belize that will work for every Belizean. Our Party Leader John Briceño is waiting to transition into Belize’s next leader and Prime Minister so help him God.