UDP Infamy/Incompetence/Corruption/Recession of 2019

Will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please inform the Belizean people if he was aware of the Sanctuary Bay Scam from as early as 2014 and if so what measures did he take to ensure that the matter did not hurt Belize’s reputation internationally?(QTTM)
Will the Prime Minster please say if he was aware that the former Governor of the Central Bank (CB) Mr. Glen Yasguirre had made the then head of the FIU and now Central Bank Governor Joy Grant aware that the matter of Sanctuary Bay was one that could turn out to be a fraud? And will the Prime Minister say if this matter was brought to his attention by either the former CB Governor or the Current one? (QTTM)
And just like that, the man who has been at the helm of BTL for the past months, the man who said he would lead BTL through the next telecommunications revolution (whatever that means) decided that he just can’t deal with BTL anymore. CEO Rochus has left the building, folks. He wants nothing more to do with 50 Million GST.
The man who is firmly in the sights of the very powerful Federal Trade Commission (FTC), did the only thing he could possibly do at a press conference. He denied everything that was alleged by the FTC in a scathing 50-page Court document. He denied, and blustered, and at various points was careful to appear violated by the dastardly FTC – yet, at no point was it said that the FTC lied. Who was this?
Social Security was about to be raided for another $1.67M, a contract which the Ministry of Finance verified and would get a GRANT from NHI funds managed by the SSB. In a memo from the Ministry of Finance, the Prime Minister’s Ministry, and dated July 29, 2019, “has no objection to the award of contract for the construction of the Central Medical Stores building in Belmopan to Joehann Construction and Engineering Limited.” Pablo babbled again in this one.
The Sanctuary Bay Saga continued unfurling in US courts making sure that the black eye Belize was receiving in the financial sector was as hurtful as a banking sector could absorb. This all occurred not because Americans were defrauding Americans. This FTC case was borne due to the fertile ground that was discovered in Belize’s financial system for the fraud to occur in the first place. And, Pukke and co. were willing to use the most excellent law firm to reindeer this Saga.
The incoming PUP Village Councils met a list of improprieties including: unpaid bills, missing machinery, land processing irregularities, fees not accounted for, Bank accounts emptied without accountability, neglected village services, spending sprees, water boards non-existent or non-functional and a reluctance to handover keys seamlessly.
Dean Barrow took to the House and Representatives and saddled Belize with approximately 150M in loans. On that fateful day, he also wrote off 90million in taxes from wealthy landowners. Since he was on a roll, he also wrote off(or attempted to) the student loan for Joshua Perdomo, the Cabinet Secretary’s son. This was a 40,000 dollars that seared deep into the UDP’s side and split open the UDP box in a way that the UDP cringed on the exposure. Minister of Education Faber went public against it saying it was “unfortunate.”
Deaths attributed to dengue were rumoured. The UDP was either in denial or on cover up mode. They could not allow the truth of their incompetence to be revealed. Dengue is natural but it can be managed with a sound plan which they UDP did not even they were allowed to prepare. They remained dumb.
Zaldivar, Patt, Castro and Aragon all voted in committee to keep the Joshua write-off bill on the table.
This one can be chalked up to the incompetent label. Faber announced himself as repeat candidate for Collet and also as aspirant to be leader of the dying United Democratic Party. His convention was one to laugh at. It is sad to see an entire party devoid of leadership. Those attempting to attain leadership are NOT leaders; there are no leaders in the entire UDP.
Orange Walk Town has basically had to shut down its doors to tourists as the New River stench is even a health risk(ignored by Pablo). Even a Primary School had to call off classes for a couple days and reschedule school hours. All due to a UDP with NO vision.
On the same day the PUP was remembering Belizean Hero, George Cadle Price, the UDP, in a mad rush, called an ‘environment’ press conference. Some panellists didn’t even know the venue of this presser done to announce a partial emergency on a drought that was at FULL emergency level. The PM’s announcement involved the laying out of plans to take care of the drought-stricken farmers and to take care of the New River’s eutrophication. The ONLY problem with the plans is that it would remain as plans as there was NO money for implementation.
The Prime Minister promised electric cars has the highlight of his dreary Independence Day Speech; only rivalled by Faber’s sleeper hold at his leadership convention.
The voters list shows number how multiple number of voters register at buildings used by Chang and Panton. Many UDP areas including Belize Rural North, Cayo Central, and Belize Rural South are exposed as having multiple voters much more than there can feasible be beds for them to actually live in them. The courts rule and these voters remain in these buildings.
This is how far things go, life is real. People who are determined to register at an address at which they don’t live, they get their ducks in a row. When the registering officer goes to try and authenticate or verify that applicant A lives at a particular address, applicant A has already arranged things with the homeowner, or with the neighbours to say yes, applicant a does live here. I’m not quite sure what you can do about that.” – Dean Barrow on October 2, 2019
On October 9 the UDP lost a division vote in the Senate on the very controversial, very corrupt Joshua Perdomo debt write-off.
Someone in Belmopan, in the name of their CC was selling boulevards that were surveyed and turned into lots. These went for 1000 dollars each and it is speculated that these went to people who could open purse strings and contribute to the leadership campaigns. Law were probably broken in this openly corrupt act that had to include even the de facto Minister of Lands Patt. De facto? Yes, since it is highly probable that Gapi never did leave the back channels into his hotbed of corruption.
Hon. John Saldivar attempted to frame William ‘Danny’ Mason or Rajesh Ouelett for the beheading of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas. This allegation was sworn testimony in the murder trial of William “Danny” Mason, et al. At his leadership convention, this was the highlight news.
Aldo Salazar goes on record to say that he has not finished the Immigration report because he has other things to do.
The PG Mayor goes on record to say that he does not get help from Central Government so he cannot fix the streets. He thinks it is not his responsibility.
At the court case on UDP possibly spending unappropriated money illegally, 100Million was not accounted for in parliamentary permission to spend. This was called “SLIPPAGE” by the UDP administration.
The Ministry of Health runs out of Anti-retroviral drugs and put the health and lives of those who use it daily in grave peril. Pablo Marin as is usual rant about how confused he is and seems to say that since it is a FREE drug then there is no urgency for it.
UB publicly shames students who had not paid their fees. Times are hard and this comes at the heels of the written off Joshua Perdomo loan. So it hurts.
The illegal caretakers got campaign funds which cheered their own Christmas while the UDP got double that amount for we are not sure what. Constituents who are thought to be PUP and are in UDP representative areas are ignored this and every Christmas by that same representative.
Our BDF find themselves in urgency deep down south and there is NO airlift out. We had to rent.
PM’s CEO get a contract from BTB that reeks of cronyism. What, no one else can get that type of contract. She is to publicity as what Imer is to roads.
Hulse and Castro become riddled in controversy where their sons seem to get an unfair shake since they are UDP.
Barrow and Taegar-Panton engineer a law to refuse the LOW prices of Butane for consumers.
Danny Mason is found guilty of the beheading of Pastor Lucas. There is no mention of John Saldivar in the ruling.
Imer is awarded the contract for the coastal road and on the verge of getting the nod for the replacement to the historic Haulover bridge.
Wealthy land owners are given more time to save on their land taxes.
BELIZE is announced as being in RECESSION due to 6 months of negative growth. The country is going backwards with the UDP.
Caye Caulker goes dark and waterless as we go into the new year.

The UDP is definitely the worst of administrations ever. The people are growing impatient as they hail for a general election to usher in hope with the PUP.