Another Bz $14 million needed for the George Price highway


Belize City: Monday, November 26, 2018

At last Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, the Barrow government introduced a motion to borrow a supplementary Bz$14 million for the Rehabilitation of George Price Highway project. Since 2015, government has borrowed Bz$54M million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to pave a 20-mile stretch from mile 47 to mile 67 of the highway.
Barrow said that the additional funding will be used to financing the costs of the supervision of civil works, the relocation of utilities, environmental and social mitigation measures.
However, Lake Independence area representative Cordel Hyde expressed concern regarding the motion saying, “You had an original loan agreement for $54 Bz million to pave this 20-mile stretch of highway from Roaring Creek to Santa Elena, and then you now come back to the honourable house and say you need $14 million more. Who is advising the government? I mean, what is happening here?”
Hyde continued “I think the revealing thing about this is that it reveals just how shady the Faber’s Road project was. Here you are talking about paving and outfitting 19.4 miles at $68 million, close to $70 million, which would put a mile a road at $3.4 million. And it is the bumpiest and ugliest mile of paved road we’ve seen in this country outside of Lake I Boulevard Faber’s Road is costing us; you know how much, madam speaker? $8 million.”