Party Leader’s Message “Remembering Fidel”


Statement by:  Hon. John BriceñLeader of the Opposition

Belmopan 23 November 2018

 Delivered in the National Assembly by Hon. Cordel Hyde

Belizeans will forever be indebted to Fidel Castro, and to Cuba, for the solidarity and cooperation which we have experienced over the many decades.  Beginning in the 1970s Cuba is and has always been a friend of Belize. Under Fidel’s leadership and guidance we led the historic internationalization campaign to win Belize’s political independence.


We salute Fidel for his historic contribution to peoples’ liberation around the world; for his brilliant leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement and developing countries; for his deep commitment to social justice and to the improvement of people’s lives through the medical brigades, literacy programmes and other forms of revolutionary cooperation.


Belize, the developing world, and indeed people everywhere are better persons and citizens of the world because of Fidel’s leadership and the unceasing support of the Cuban people. With original ideas and fraternity we can devise new strategies to lift the lives of the people of Belize and Cuba.


On Behalf of all of us in the People’s United Party, we promise to continue the just and noble struggle in service to our people and in so doing honour the legacy of the late Hon. Fidel Castro so loved and remembered by people all over the world as Fidel.