Survival!!! Cabinet Edition


The Government of Belize (GOB) issued a press release on November 27th 2018 where it informed the country that Prime Minister (PM) Borrow would remain in office for the duration of the term of the current administration. It sent shock waves…nowhere. Just like the current United Democratic Party (UDP) government this bad joke also fell flat rather quickly. It seems that Cabinet is once again confused about their role and functions. The Cabinet holds Executive power and also bears Collective Responsibility for all decisions taken at the Cabinet level whether or not they individually and personally agreed with them. The Ministers in Cabinetare responsible for the day to day management of government and its response to unexpected events. Clearly the inner workings of any political party, even the one that currently controls parliament, has no place among the discussions held in Cabinet. Nor does Cabinet have the mandate to revise or recommend to any Political Party on their own internal processes. We would argue that paramount discussions for Cabinet are those that bring benefit to the Belizean people. Deliberations should be centered on plans for poverty eradication, job creation, economic stimulation, industry formation, crime reduction, infrastructure expansion and health improvements just to name a few. Judging by the recent press release it is no wonder the Jewel is in such a calamitous state when Ministers discuss their trivial political relevance and like Nero sing and dance while Belize like Rome crumbles.

The reason that the entire matter, however inappropriate, made it to Cabinet was in order to make use of the collective responsibility clause of Cabinet. Simply put this means that once a majority of Cabinet agrees on a matter then no member can publicly stand or speak out against it. This is made clear by the press release which states that “Cabinet makes clear that this position is supported by all Ministers, including those not present at the meeting today.” It would beinteresting to know exactly who was absent from the Cabinet meeting seeking to remain uninvolved in the current power struggle perhaps or silently resisting the status quo with their intentional absence. In the end it did not matter as the net of culpability and responsibility was cast upon them all. Pride does strange things to some men, and going down in history not in a blaze of glory but rather as the Master of a three ringed clown circus does not sit well in certain spheres. Plagued by recent dropsy, ague and other numerous malaise the Master miserably failed in securing his best buffoon a run in the next general elections and a chance in succeeding him as the head honcho. This real life drama reminds one of the reality television show Survivor. Just as in the reality competition the weaker contestants join forces to eliminate the strongest competitor early on. In that way the real competition reverts to being between the two weaker, but more cunning, competitors who effectively box out the favorite for the win. The Master has gotten wind of the recent machinations and has thrown in a monkey wrench of his own by postponing any further conventions by which these conniving competitors can gain ground and allies. The Master has prolonged his abdication until such time as conditions are more favorable to ensure that his chosen one will succeed him.

All the scheming and Machiavellian effort put into the winning of the paper crown is wasted. The time is indeed up for this current administration no matter who heads it. It will go down in the annals of Belizean history as the most corrupt ever. The discussions at Cabinet meetings are done at the expense of Belizean tax payers who want to know why Cabinet is discussing private party business during working hours. It is bad enough that discussions did nothing for the purpose and benefit of Belizeans but to be paid by the people to plan how to continue to pillage and plunder without any compunction…is unacceptable. As we would say in our daily creole conversations “dem no have blood inna dem face.” Belizeans await patiently for elections to be called, sooner or later they must come, We Ready!