Thinking Out Loud Dec 2nd, 2018


Those who read my columns in this newspaper will know that I very rarely get into hard politics, and I keep away from petty politics. I feel that as a community, and as a country we are already divided enough along political lines, and so I focus on matters which affect all of us as a people. Over these months I have touched on many things – from crime to the ICJ to infrastructure and poverty. I’ve touched on discipline for our youth, programs offered by the Council and civic pride. And I have always come back to one main principle – unity. We need to be united as a people. Even more so with the Christmas season approaching, I will be calling on all our people to come together in peace and harmony, to be each other’s keepers, to be kind and compassionate, caring and respectful. That is the type of Mayor I am, and that is the type of person I am.

But as I write this, I am very angry. Like many Belizeans, I am tired of being taken for a fool by those who should be in power to serve us. It is ridiculous. We elect persons that we believe will represent us well, and will institute policies that make our lives better, and make our communities grow. As a people we should never expect our leaders to give us handouts – but we should demand that they do things which will allow us to live better lives, with access to good education and quality healthcare and meaningful employment. I am sick and tired of the arrogance and corruption of this United Democratic Party. It has long been at the point where they do not even bother to hide it anymore. They continue to get richer and richer, while the people get poorer and poorer. And it is like they flaunt it in our faces. Imagine that many of those we elected to lead us are now millionaires. Some are millionaires many times over, with more money than they can count. And then imagine that a child died this week because her mother had no way to get her to a hospital, and there was no health post in their community. People are literally dying because of the neglect of this government, and I have gotten enough. We should all have gotten enough. Last week I listened to the Prime Minister talk about Christmas Cheer, and I wanted to throw up. Here is this man who swore an oath to serve ALL Belizeans without fear or favour, saying that he has no apology for giving $25,000 to constituencies which voted UDP, and $12,500 to constituencies which voted PUP. There is something very wrong with that man. I think he has been in power way too long. He explained it be saying that his Ministers deserve a prize for winning the last election, and that they work harder than the members of the Opposition. He must be crazy. First of all, that money is taxpayers’ money, not Dean Barrow’s money. And taxpayers are across the board – every political affiliation and none. Secondly, there is no prize for being elected. You have a job to do and you get in and work. You are paid a very good salary with excellent benefits, and you are given money every month to take care of your people. Thirdly, that money is for the people of this country in all 31 constituencies, not for the persons who represent the constituencies. Last time I checked, we were all Belizeans regardless of who we voted for. I could not believe the words coming out that man’s mouth. It is time – way past time to get the UDP out of office. We don’t live in any kingdoms here in Belize, so we have no need for these UDP kings who obviously think we were put on this earth to serve them. Enough is enough. This is way past the point of being ridiculous. In many of my columns I have touched on good governance. It doesn’t take a doctorate degree. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. You just need to have integrity and character and a genuine will to help the people. Why do we elect these leaders who do us so wrong?

t is time to get rid of this crowd. It is time to give the PUP a chance to govern, and to govern well.