Trumpian Win


Belize City; 28th November 2018

This past last Saturday of November 2018 at the Orange Walk Multipurpose Complex, the United Democratic Party convened to elect the standard bearer who would contest the next General Elections in the Orange Walk Central Constituency. The candidates included a past candidate for standard bearer in the East, past standard bearer (twice) and one past councilor candidate; no wins altogether. At this contest, one was guaranteed a win.
The twice standard bearer was anointed once more by 900 plus Central Orange Walkeños with the 1st and 2nd runner-ups together getting 900 endorsements.
In 2015, not even Venezuela could usher Mr. Grijalva this, oh so coveted, seat. This was a back-to-back defeat where practically the same number of people voted—five thousand two hundred. The mentioned 2015 defeat came with a slightly lesser number of O.W. Central voters and similar percentage.
Social media twinkled with commentary that struck thorns into Grijalva’s side. They asserted that Johnny Briceño had already won the next general elections with this convention result. Mr. Briceño, nevertheless, doesn’t take this for granted; he and his team now have a target and goal. They have a machinery ready to churn on, to work hard to another triumph.
“How can someone who was born in Guatemala ever win an election in Belize?” was repeated earnestly.
“Isn’t he the one convicted for destroying a Maya Ruin?” claimed the historical and cultural minded Belizeans; we have quite a number.
“Didn’t he take the Orange Walk Town Council to Court?” boomed voices of concern.
One thunderous announcement of concern came after this convention. The story continues the day after with a friendly journalist asking the Prime Minister a question painted with the phrase tantamount to “I know you won’t lie.” Barrow enjoyed this with a snicker for the ages. Then, he went on to gush like a fountain.
Even after stating that there was no truth to the idea that he would change his retirement plans, on Tuesday the UDP tells the nation that again they mismanaged their funds. In true Trumpian fashion, the misuse of the nation’s time and resources was announced as per normal. There was no announcement of a new job’s plan for a nation thirsty for foresight and novelty. But yes, they were discussing in Cabinet when Dean Barrow was to resign…so lame.
How could he resign now that there was NO ONE to take over? He seemingly is the ONLY one who can run the nation. The current standard bearers and UDP representatives have no one that could take up the mantle. How can they win the next general elections with the current results in their conventions? Sounds like Trumpism to me.
Maybe they should remember 1998.