Corruption at Transport!!


By: Leticia Guerra

Belize City: Thursday 6th December 2018

Brazen acts of Corruption continues without any shame under this disgraceful UDP government. Public service officers who are known relatives of a UDP minister were caught smuggling 14 cases of contraband Corona Beer using a Department of Transport company vehicles.
An operation was conducted on Sunday afternoon by customs and police Intel on the lookout for a Toyota 4Runner belonging to the Department of Transport. The vehicle was intercepted near Tower Hill Village, Orange Walk District whereby a search conducted resulted in the confiscation of the 14 cases of the contraband beer which carry a local market value of $50 per case. Three Transport officers were detained and taken to the Orange Walk Customs office where they were given the option to settle or fight the charges in court.
Well it appears the Minister made some phone calls, and the three Public Service Officers were given special privileges and were allowed to pay a small fine which by law should have been three times the amount of the market value. To make matters worse and to slap the poor Belizean people in their faces the three officers remain on active-duty today. The Acting Director, Vallan Hyde, told channel seven news that he could just not take unilateral disciplinary action against these officers. He says they must go through the Public Service Commission since the men are established public officers.