Four Fired for Fraud at Vital Statistics


Belize City: Thursday 6th December 2018

There has always been the suspicion about the procedures and processing of vital personal documents of persons at the Vital Statistics Central office in Belize City, especially after it became public that accused murderer William Danny Mason held Belizean Citizenship by birth. Reports leaking out of Vital Statistics are that four employees have been terminated because they knowingly fraudulently issued a false Belizean Birth Certificate to William Danny Mason.

The government of Belize has not mentioned anything about the cancelling of his Belize Citizenship with the Belize Passport that Mason has also acquired illegally nor have they announced what is Mason’s real name and if his criminal Charge sheet will be changed to reflect his real name.

The said birth certificate states that Mason was born in Crooked Tree Village to James Mason and Sharon Tillett, a claim that the former village chairman refuted.

Mason is the man accused of leading the beheading of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas. Since 2016, it has been reported that Mason also used other names like Raj Ouellet and Ted Ouellet, who was the C.E.O. of Seven-Oceanz Holdings. William “Danny” Mason is believed to have been born in Guyana.