Grinch don’t Mess with Corozaleños X-mass


By: Hilly Bennet

Christmas is considered the most joyous time in people’s lives across the globe. Even in war-time, enemies have crossed the “line in the sand” to greet each other at the stroke of midnight.

Last weekend Corozaleños celebrated the lightning of the Christmas tree in the park. The occasion was received with much fanfare. The onlookers face gleamed with excitement.

However, the path to the lightning was as symbolic as the festive season. Grinches within the UDP, unlike the wartime enemies, fought to kill the true spirit of Christmas in Corozal.

Over the past three years, town council workers crafted some lighting arrangement and bought tree lights costing some $90,000 for the Christmas season. Allegations surfaced that some vindictive, spiteful lackeys within the UDP stole the lights from the present PUP Town Council. The Mayor, Rigo Vellos, Deputy Mayor, Otoniel Riveroll and the rest of the town council members found themselves in a quandary. There was no lights and the inept UDP Town Council left the office of the mayor cash strapped and in debt.

Corozaleños came to the rescue. The people and merchants banded with the PUP Town Council in the purchasing of new lights. One by one, piece by piece the Christmas tree took shape. Under the guiding hands of the deputy mayor and special invited person, Dilan Cassanova, the tree was lit, bringing smiles and cheers from the gathering crowd.

A begrudged Pablo Marin, Minister of Health and Corozal Bay Representative tried desperately, on Wave TV, to explain away the actions of the UDP Grinches. The idiots wanted to steal the joy of Christmas from the good people of Corozal, but the power of the Corozaleños prevailed. Clearly, the spirit of the nortenos is unconquerable.

Christmas is alive and kicking at the North Pole of the Jewel. The message is Grinch don’t mess with Christmas! Especially, a Corozaleños Christmas.