Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor

Thursday 13th   December 2018

Editor Sir, I am a resident from Orange Walk who commutes every day to Belize City where I have been working for a few years. As I move around the city, I can see a lot of work being carried out by the PUP City Council, and it is in various areas of the City. During the month of October and November, I saw the City Council undertook the dredging of the southern part of the Collet Canal.
Last year before the Elections we heard Councillor Willoughby saying on TV that the Council had to wait for Consultants from Spain to come in and do a study.
Well, this New PUP City Council showed residents that they can do the work of clearing the waterways in Belize City without foreign consultants.
The City Council has also replaced dozens of the man hold covers that were missing for years, and nobody seems to care about pedestrians who on many occasions fell into it and injured their feet or other areas of their body.
Everywhere in Belize City you can see a big white truck seemingly sucking out the mud that has been accumulating for years clogging our drainage network system and men who are diligently working with one another.
During the last weeks, I could not help but notice that they are now working on the drains on the Northern highway unclogging the drainage all the way up towards the roundabout near SMART.
It feels so good to see young men really into the man holes shovelling out the muck and clearing out the drains.
I must take this time to commend Mayor Bernard Wagner, and his team associated with these works that are so important to avoid flooding and stagnant areas of the City and the sub urban areas.
This is really a change from what we use to see under the previous UDP City Administration.


Javier Bustillos