Questions to the Ministers

  1. Will the Minister of Energy please let us know if the moves by BTL to seek new sources of electricity has anything to do with the desire of “The Prince” to build his own Dam?
  2. Will the Prime Minister please do the Nation a favour and fire the Minister of National Security? Since his return we have had more drug planes, landing, more robbery and the murders continue. It is time for action.
  3. Will the Minister of Health, who chose to call the media about the missing Christmas lights from the Corozal Town Council please say if he has any intention of asking his good friend former Mayor Campos to provide an explanation of what happened to the lights?
  4. Will the UDP Chairman please inform Mr. Ivan Williams that he is no longer the Labour Commissioner and as such should not be interfering with the officers who are doing their job? Mr. Williams must be made to understand that even though he will lose badly at the next general elections, he is no longer able to instruct anyone at the Labour Department.