The New UDP “Boots” in Port Loyola


 By Mario Lizama

UDP standard-bearer for Port Loyola Phillip ‘‘Albert Sellout” Willoughby is heavily financed politically by both Faber and Saldivar. He is also benefiting from his party’s Christmas cheer, and can call on most Ministers for a wide range of assistance to the division.  Despite all those funds at his disposal,  in being stingy in serving the people, the Albert  Sellout   uses  no more than $50.00 to build  very cheap   “knock and stand up” Christmas tree from pieces of board for  the area.

Willoughby  would never use  a  Christmas tree like the one he built for Port in  his house or in his yard, but he is satisfied that a “knock and stand up Christmas”  tree  is perfectly  suitable for the residents of  the division.  That is a clear indication that Willoughby thinks he is superior to the people of Port.  The  many  broken promises  in his few months in the area   have many persons  asking    what has  happened   to the thousands of dollars  Willoughby  has already received from the ruling UDP to assist  with different things  in the constituency?

Anthony “Boots” Martinez, who himself  is notorious for  self-development in politics, but  who knows Phillip Willoughby well as   political colleagues for over a decade   answered that question months ago when he said, “Willoughby is all for himself. I would rather vote for Usher before I vote for Willoughby.”

Willoughby is the same politician who considers a tiny   bleachers he built at Pen Road basketball court out of the people’s money perfectly suitable for residents of the area, although it has no top to protect the public from rain or sunshine and can barely seat five persons.

Judging from the type of Christmas tree   and bleachers the Albert Sellout has built for the residents of Port Loyola, it is clear that like “Boot” Martinez, Willoughby does not believe in using taxpayers’’ money for the maximum benefit of the people.  By his  action, clearly  this individual  would see   nothing wrong with the  good people of Port Loyola going 50 years backwards with plastic market bags for school bags, flour bags for garments, and  with crude homemade toys like nail box  trucks with can wheels, dolls from pint and corn hair, and horse   from  sticks once he and  his UDP cronies can  use taxpayers money to live the good life  24/7 exactly  as the discredited  “Boots” Martinez  and his cronies have done for over  fifteen years.

Whether its  sporting facilities, land and housing,  meaningful jobs, or educational opportunities by his  actions Albert Sellout has already shown that like “Boots” Martinez,   he is  only interested in  the best of everything  for  himself  and his  cronies, and will   neglect  the basic  needs of the   people for a better life just as “Boots” Martinez has done.